Monday, February 11, 2008

White Collar, Blue Collar, We All A Nasty Bunch

This weekend was good fun for me and Beeps. We got to experience both ends of the class spectrum in about 48 hours. It all started on Friday when we attended fight night at the Legendary Blue Horizon. If you haven't heard of the Blue Horizon, it is the premier location for boxing matches in Philadelphia. I got Beeps tickets for Christmas and we were front row balcony. The tickets were amazing. Normally when you think balcony you think high up, well the floor plan for this place is so intimate that every seat is great. Our seats looked right out over the ring. One hard punch and it was likely that we were going to get blood splattered in our eyes.

The seats were filled with people from all walks of life, people dressed to the T, people slumming, and people who looked like they walked off the set of "Newsies." And if there wasn't a ban on smoking in Philadelphia, I would expect that the event space would be filled with cigar smoke. There were 6 fights ranging from welterweights to cruiserweights with ring girls carrying signs before each round. Beeps and I found them all quite trashy and entertaining which is part of the fun I guess. One girl even walked around the ring with her sign upside down to roars of laughter from the crowd.

Other highlights from that night included an LJ Smith sighting, of Philadelphia Eagles fame, (he was sitting front row right below us) and an award given to Tex Cobb of both boxing and movie fame. Remember him as the motorcycle guy in Raising Arizona? That was cool. He seems like a really nice guy. Apparently he is very active in the boxing community.

On Saturday my parents came up for 2 reasons. The first reason being a trip to an antique show at HL Chalfant (a fancy schmancy antique shop), and the other is that my Dad helped me fix my broken passenger side mirror. Remember that curses post?

Here's the white collar moment: The antique show was put on by a couple local dealers and included pieces from the 1700s. My parents are big antique people and they came to see what was being offered. Of course you would have to be independently wealthy to buy anything there. Some items were priced at over $150,000! And I'm not talking a big High Boy, I'm talking a little 2 x 2.5' box to hold spices. I kid you not. To put this into perspective, I had $40 in my pocket and I thought I was rich. I joked with the owner that I was looking to put something on lay-away. I don't think he found it funny.

After returning from the white collar event, it was back to my blue collar roots as my Dad helped me replace my passenger side mirror. If you remember, it was broken off rudely by some local hoodlums back in the fall. I thought I'd save myself some money and order my replacement part online instead of take it to a body shop to fix. So I payed $51 for the part and it shipped with NO instructions. Who does that? I don't understand how a company can get away with it. I guess they assume that I already know what I'm doing. Anyway, I asked my Dad to help me figure it out, and like most Dads, he did. My Dad is one of those guys that knows how to do ANYTHING! I'm serious. He can take apart cars, work metal, run electric, build stuff, fish, hunt, make fire with his eye balls, walk on water, fly. Anyway, sufficed to say that he got it done and it only cost me a few beers and a box of pizza. I don't think the body shop would have accepted that as payment.

Okay, so later that night we headed to the North Star Bar to watch Beeps' band, Missing Palmer West, play. They did great, sounded great and everyone had a smashing good time. So many good folks were there to show their support. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Then yesterday was a relax day. Although it was windy and cold. I took the poochies for a long walk in the morning and then later hunkered down while the wind storm took several branches off our big maple tree. Now I have to figure out how to get that cleaned up. I'm thinking that asking my Dad for help so soon after this last favor would be pushing it.

So if anyone has a chain saw, please let me know. There's some pizza and beer in it for ya.