Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A New Low

Okay, I hope you all watched BB9 last night. How crazy was that? I really think reality TV has hit a new low and as Beeps likes to point out, "Reality TV won't be happy until someone dies." Well it almost became real last night when both Amanda and Allison had to be rushed to the hospital. It was actually hard to watch. Poor Amanda not only passed out on the floor but she went into almost violent convulsions. Luckily Nicole and James were there to save the day.

How great was James (even though we all know he has the secret gay porn thing going on)? He was calm, cool, and collected the whole time and really helped Amanda stay focused when she finally came to. I applaud him.

I also wish we had gotten to see Allison all swollen but alas she was taken out the back door through the diary room. Beeps made a good point that she probably had a reaction to the peanuts in the veto competition. Big Brother should know better.

But all seriousness aside, let's get to the shallow drama. What is the deal with Sheila? She's C-R-A-Z-Y! I mean, bat-ass crazy! I guess being confined in that house just magnifies your paranoia, but her reaction to Allison hanging with other house mates bordered on schizophrenic. She just ran her mouth to everyone in the house and of course they told Allison who was very dignified in her reaction. Sheila needs to back off. And after the near-death incident with Amanda and Allison, it looks like she's starting to learn about what is really important in life. I feel bad for her kid.

I also love that Matt and Alex are freaking out over being put up on the block. I love how they are trying to get a rise out of James and he's like "so what, keep talking".

And what ever happened to "Operation Condor"? I guess friendships only last so long in the BB house. I'm not sure that alliance can be salvaged.

Stay tuned.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Strike While The Iron's Hot

Our good friend Turkey celebrated her 30 something b-dude on February 16th. To help her adjust to her new age, her husband T-Bone reserved a karaoke room for us at Yakitori Boy in Chinatown. It was good fun as you can tell by the photos below. Dinner started off innocently enough until we moved to the karaoke room where the drinks and shots of sake were flying. Not to mention the serious song stylings of JDizzle and crew.

Here's a pic of the B-due girl herself Miss Turkey and that gentleman Dan.

Beeps and Wendle.

Beeps rockin' the mic.

Turkey & KJ.

All of the videos to the songs were strange Japanese versions of the originals. This is their interpretation of Ebony and Ivory. Hmmmm.

I think this was George Michael's Freedom.

Rickets and T-Bone.

JDizz & KJ.

Ahhh, that's the KJ we know and love...

And finally, I leave you with this moment captured in time.

I highly recommend this adventure for your next group outing. The food was great, the crowd was happy, and the private karaoke room was a blast.

I'd like to thank KJ for her hospitality and for letting us stay in her beautiful house. Although the next morning was a little rough going as you can imagine. KJ, Turkey, T-Bone, Beeps and I dragged ourselves to breakfast to recover a little before the drive home. However, a little hangover was worth it in exchange for the good times. And in the words of KJ herself, you gotta strike while the iron's hot.

Lunar Eclipse

I hope you all had the chance to go out and see the beautiful lunar eclipse that took place on February 20th. Here's a picture that I took off our back deck. Saturn is to the left and Regulus above. Click on the picture to get a closer view. Our fellow blogger Dr. Zibbs also captured the moment. Be sure to check out That Blue Yak for more fan photos.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bye Bye Parker

Ugg, I can't believe my Parker has been voted off BB9. I almost cried and by the look on Parker's face during Julie's interview, I think he was either gonna bitch slap Jen or burst into tears.

But how great has this season been? And how crazy was that fight between Amanda, Chelsia and Joshuah!!!! I couldn't believe what he said about Amanda's Dad. That was waaaaaay low. There is so much drama this year. What's funny is that NO ONE keeps their mouth shut so if you are talking behind someone's back, he/she is sure to find out. So Amanda needs to stick a sock in her pie hole.

I love how jealous Alex is getting over Amanda telling her that if they can't be intimate that she can't be intimate with anyone else in the house! As much as I think Amanda is "slutty" (Alex's words not mine), I don't think he has the right to make such demands.

And how crazy that Jen told Sheila that Ryan was a racist and then denied that she said it!!! I was blown away at how stupid Jen is. And poor Parker was dragged through the mud with her. She's a dumb a$$.

And on top of it all poor Joshuah lost his soul mate to a "family emergency" and now is stuck with Sharon. Although I have high hopes for them as a team. And now that Parker is gone I have to pick a new favorite. So I'm thinking that if Joshuah can keep his bigmouth shut, and not pick any more fights, then he could have a chance. Right now though, the couple to beat is Matt and Natalie.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sky Show Tonight!

Hi all, a very cool event is happening in tonight's sky for most of North America. There will be a lunar eclipse that starts around 8:30 ish and lasts through 11ish. This is when the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. If the skies stay clear here in the Philly area, it should be quite a show. The moon will most likely turn a rusty red color. Also Saturn and Regulus (the heart of the constellation Leo) will form a triangle with the moon. So be sure to check it out!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Girl Can Dream Can't She?

I just received a very frustrating email from someone who I am close to, yet sometimes feel so far away from. This person will remain anonymous. The email had a link to an article about how white people will be a minority by 2050. I also received another email that had Newt Gingrich ranting about something. I did not watch it yet, but I can pretty much assume that he has something to say about fearing terrorist attacks or illegal immigrants or something.

I get very upset about these types of emails because this person and I do not agree on the same politics. This blows my mind as I really think that what I want from my government is what everyone should want. So I made a list of things and I sent it to this person. Below is my email.

These are the things that are important to me as an American citizen. I'd like to know if you disagree:

1. Freedom to think for myself, say what I want, and not have my phones tapped by the government.

2. Our country's reputation to the rest of the world as a model for positive change and not a war machine that polices the world and decides what's right for other nations. I'd like to see my president welcomed to other countries and not booed when he/ she arrives on foreign soil. I'd like to see my president shaking hands with all the leaders of the world.

3. I want my nation to take care of its own i.e. universal health care so that EVERYONE can live healthier happier lives without the threat of losing their homes to pay for medication or catastrophic medical bills. Right now people do not go to the doctor for fear of having to pay for claims. Imagine if health care was free and people took preventative care seriously??? Imagine how much happier you would be. Imagine if everyone could afford the prescription drugs that they needed to simply survive. Imagine a world where hospitals didn't dump sick people off on the doorsteps of homeless shelters because they couldn't pay their bills.

4. I would like my nation to lead the world in animal rights and environmental protection and preserve its open spaces and its native cultures.

5. I want to live in a nation that believes in equality for all people and enforces it.

6. A country that when it sends its citizens to war takes care of its soldiers and their families 100% for the rest of their lives.

7. I would like to see college offered to ALL students, free of charge (provided they make the grade). How much do we spend on the Iraq war daily? Something in the millions of dollars range. Why couldn't that go to sending our students to college or rebuilding homes in Louisiana?

8. I would like to see a nation that is not run by oil corporations or where decisions are not made by tobacco lobbyists.

9. I'd like to live in a country where the president takes responsibility for his/ her actions and doesn't protect his/ her buddies who flaunt their power and wallets at the American people.

10. I'd like to live in a country where there are strict gun control laws for assault weapons and more thorough background checks so that the murder rate goes down.

11. I'd like to keep religion and government policy as far apart as possible.

12. I'd like to see more jobs given to American people and not sent overseas.

13. I'd like to live in a nation that gives its people the economic freedom to care for the elderly and sick.

And finally,

14. I would like to live in a country where the American Dream means living a healthy, happy life surrounded by your family and friends and not how many "things" you own, how big your house is, or what car you drive.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Vote for Leia!

Hi all, I've entered Leia into the Spay Day 2008 pet photo contest. Please go here, click to vote for pets, search for pet name "Leia" and cast your vote. You can only vote once so make it count and tell your friends to vote! Winner gets lots of pet booty. Much thanks. Here's her picture again just in case you forgot how darn cute she is!

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailer

Finally our first look at the new movie!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sianarra Suckers

Easily the worst players in the history of Big Brother. I mean who talks crap about someone else on the FIRST DAY especially when you know you are playing for two? Jacob is a big bozo for #1 saying what he did and #2 lying about it being said by someone else. I feel a little bad for Sharon, she didn't ask to be in the house with her ex let alone have to be partnered with him.

Plus Jacob should have known not to mess with my boy Parker. Parker can smell a lie a mile away bitches. He's like a blood hound but for lies. So don't try it!

Looks like Sheila and Steve Sanders have another week to figure their shit out and quick!

Happy Heart Day

Happy Heart Day y'all. If you are looking for that special something for the special someone, Sunset Hill Jewelers is having a 50% off sale today on any in-stock rings. So instead of paying $20,000 for that star saphire and diamond ring, it's now just $10,000. Good times.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?

I heard about this a while back and now it's finally being released. Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame is back with a documentary (due out April 10th, 2008) about his trek to the Middle East to do what GWB couldn't do: find Bin Laden.

Well, did he? Who knows, I guess we'll have to pay our $8.50 to find out.

BB9 Till Death Do You Part

Okay, so what did you guys think about last night's BB9? I LOVED IT! Let's see how accurate my predictions were.

Sharon - I guess I kinda got this right. Especially the eyebrow part. however I didn't see the "ex-factor" coming into the equation. So I guess I was kinda wrong too. I must admit that I like her just for the fact that she's going to be a complete bitch with her ex in the house. We've already started to see why things will never work between them. He's a cheater and she holds grudges. LOVE IT! Although I was impressed with their stamina on the challenge.

Which brings me to Jacob - I think I'm spot-on with this one. He's definitely the southern boy with the hometown mentality. We haven't seen his homophobia come out yet, but stay tuned, it's in there. He's in the worst position in the house. Kinda like pay back for his cheating. He's already taken a beating from Sharon. Let's see if he can make this work.

Sheila - DAMN I'M GOOD! I pegged her right from the start. Former model my ass. I feel really bad for Ian Zeiring, uh I mean Adam. Poor guy, he's not only the ugliest house guest as made perfectly clear by Sheila, but he's stuck with her too. Sheila is an awful human being. What did she think was going to happen? She's like 45 years old in a house with 23 year olds and she's looking to hook up? What she really needs is to be locked up. Ba-da-bum-bum

Adam - This guy got the shit end of the poop shovel. If they are evicting by couples, he has no chance being paired with Sheila. She's a selfish mess. His only hope is that BB lets them change partners. However, he should probably pack his bags.

Matt - I can't figure out if I'm right about him yet, but I think I am. I love that he's paired with Natalie. If anyone is going to end up together it's those two. He's a meathead who loves boobs and she's a ditz who has them, so we'll see. I was 100% spot on with her prediction. She's going to be quite entertaining this season.

Neil and Joshuah - Okay, I was waaaay off on this one. See I told you I didn't have gaydar. But I LOOOOVE them and they are already my favorite team. Just cause they are going to be lots of fun and good to look at even if they aren't into girls. Bummer that Joshuah isn't straight but I'll still gawk at him anyway although he's not as cute as his picture. I really think they are a good match too so we'll see.

Parker - I really like this guy and I think he and Jen are going to make a good team. Parker seems really sweet and courteous towards his lady and I like that. I can't believe Jen is with Ryan! She's so cute and he's a sweaty monster. Ugg, I hope Parker steals her away from that ogre.

Allison - I don't have an opinion of her yet, but I stand by my soulless prediction for now. I feel bad that she's partnered with the sweaty Ryan. They're going to need rubber sheets for that bed.

Chelsia - OMG! What is the deal with her eye liner and fake tan? I don't get it. And I can't believe the guys like that. She's so odd. But I love that she's paired with crazy James the homeless man. haha. I LOVE IT! She is going to get so sick of his crap fast! So I called James but that was easy, however the homeless part was a big surprise. Let's just hope he doesn't eat out of the trash.

Alex - Got this one waaaaaay wrong. But I mean look at him? Pink, fauxhawk, one hoop earing. You can't blame me. But once he spoke he sounded like a real bozo. And the fact that he said "I don't want anyone to know that I own my own business" I was like, you probably spin records at weddings and bar mitzvahs so who cares? Anyway, Amanda's a real piece of work and although I was right about her liking round things, I'm also pretty sure the only breeze she feels is the one blowing between her ears.


I love this season already. Let me know what you think.

And be sure to vote in the latest BB9 poll in the sidebar to the right...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Brother 9 Tonight!

Yo, yo, yo, Big Brother 9 starts tonight people. 9pm.
Below are pictures of the new cast and my thoughts about each one, sight unseen. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well I don't have that much time. Instead I'll give you just a few of my thoughts based 100% on the photo and nothing else.

Sharon: Why do some women feel the need to pluck their eyebrows to the point where they have to draw them back on?
She will probably be pretty smart at the game though. She'll either sleep with someone early on or form an alliance with one of the gay guys. She has potential.

Sheila: Token older mom. Probably has like 5 kids and is married. She's going to hate it in the house and will probably think everyone is against her. Her only hope will be to get into an alliance early.

Matt: Liar.

Natalie: Fake boobs + empty stare = comic gold.

Neil: Is this Zach's doppleganger? Either he's going to be a complete doofus or he'll win the game.

Parker: Love the name. Cute eyes, fun hair. I say he's gonna be one to watch. He'll probably befriend everyone and since he's the only black guy, everyone will feel too guilty to vote him out. I predict some longevity here.

Ryan: Meathead. He will probably be the first one to try and make alliances and in doing so place a huge target on his back. I hate him already.

Chelsia: Ummm, what's wrong with the name Chelsea that she had to go spelling it with an 'ia". What's the deal with the eye liner and fake tan? Is she a Pharaoh? And who's her hairdresser Victoria Beckham? I hate her too.

Jacob: He looks a little scary. I'm gonna predict that he's the stalker or the homophobe from Oklahoma.

James: Oh look everybody, the crazy guy! Lord knows that every reality show needs the nut ball. I predict that this guy will be he first to go. He kinda looks like Ricky Martin on LSD.

Jen: Hey everybody, another Jen. Is there a factory somewhere that makes "Jens"? There's like a million girls out there that look like this fine young lady. I predict that she will play the "sweet, girl next door" role who flirts her way through the game. All the smart girls will hate her.

Joshua: Move over Leo DeCaprio, there's a newer, hotter version of you out there. I'm in love. I'll be texting my vote for sexy Joshuah... ggrrrooowwwllll.

Adam: Ian Ziering called, he needs his look back.

Alex: He's got to be gay right? I don't claim to have gaydar but I mean check out that perfectly quaffed hair, that hoop earing, that pink shirt.

Allison: Soulless.

Amanda: She likes round things and summer breezes. All the dudes will be all over her.

So there you have it, my uneducated predictions for this season of Big Brother. Now let's see how close I came to being correct. Tune in to find out!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pants Off Dance Off

Have you seen this show? I guess it's been around a while but we just got the Fuse channel and tuned in when we saw their snappy title on the cable guide. Let me tell you, I was shocked and strangely entertained at the same time. If you don't know what it is, random people strip in front of a green screen that plays the corresponding music video behind them. Sometimes the people are pretty good looking but other times you get real freak-Os. The dancing is often bizarre and bad and you end up feeling a bit embarrassed for the people. I think there's some type of contest and judges pick the best dancers, or people text in or something. Winners get cash.

They take off almost everything but since its cable they cut away at the last minute and this strange lady/ host pops on the screen telling you to see the full video online. During the dancing there are weird sound effects and pop-up sound bites of the dancers talking about themselves, what they like to do, what they're in to, favorite things etc. If you feel inclined, here's the web site. Plus there are some videos on You Tube but I couldn't bring myself to link to one.

It's very silly indeed.

White Collar, Blue Collar, We All A Nasty Bunch

This weekend was good fun for me and Beeps. We got to experience both ends of the class spectrum in about 48 hours. It all started on Friday when we attended fight night at the Legendary Blue Horizon. If you haven't heard of the Blue Horizon, it is the premier location for boxing matches in Philadelphia. I got Beeps tickets for Christmas and we were front row balcony. The tickets were amazing. Normally when you think balcony you think high up, well the floor plan for this place is so intimate that every seat is great. Our seats looked right out over the ring. One hard punch and it was likely that we were going to get blood splattered in our eyes.

The seats were filled with people from all walks of life, people dressed to the T, people slumming, and people who looked like they walked off the set of "Newsies." And if there wasn't a ban on smoking in Philadelphia, I would expect that the event space would be filled with cigar smoke. There were 6 fights ranging from welterweights to cruiserweights with ring girls carrying signs before each round. Beeps and I found them all quite trashy and entertaining which is part of the fun I guess. One girl even walked around the ring with her sign upside down to roars of laughter from the crowd.

Other highlights from that night included an LJ Smith sighting, of Philadelphia Eagles fame, (he was sitting front row right below us) and an award given to Tex Cobb of both boxing and movie fame. Remember him as the motorcycle guy in Raising Arizona? That was cool. He seems like a really nice guy. Apparently he is very active in the boxing community.

On Saturday my parents came up for 2 reasons. The first reason being a trip to an antique show at HL Chalfant (a fancy schmancy antique shop), and the other is that my Dad helped me fix my broken passenger side mirror. Remember that curses post?

Here's the white collar moment: The antique show was put on by a couple local dealers and included pieces from the 1700s. My parents are big antique people and they came to see what was being offered. Of course you would have to be independently wealthy to buy anything there. Some items were priced at over $150,000! And I'm not talking a big High Boy, I'm talking a little 2 x 2.5' box to hold spices. I kid you not. To put this into perspective, I had $40 in my pocket and I thought I was rich. I joked with the owner that I was looking to put something on lay-away. I don't think he found it funny.

After returning from the white collar event, it was back to my blue collar roots as my Dad helped me replace my passenger side mirror. If you remember, it was broken off rudely by some local hoodlums back in the fall. I thought I'd save myself some money and order my replacement part online instead of take it to a body shop to fix. So I payed $51 for the part and it shipped with NO instructions. Who does that? I don't understand how a company can get away with it. I guess they assume that I already know what I'm doing. Anyway, I asked my Dad to help me figure it out, and like most Dads, he did. My Dad is one of those guys that knows how to do ANYTHING! I'm serious. He can take apart cars, work metal, run electric, build stuff, fish, hunt, make fire with his eye balls, walk on water, fly. Anyway, sufficed to say that he got it done and it only cost me a few beers and a box of pizza. I don't think the body shop would have accepted that as payment.

Okay, so later that night we headed to the North Star Bar to watch Beeps' band, Missing Palmer West, play. They did great, sounded great and everyone had a smashing good time. So many good folks were there to show their support. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Then yesterday was a relax day. Although it was windy and cold. I took the poochies for a long walk in the morning and then later hunkered down while the wind storm took several branches off our big maple tree. Now I have to figure out how to get that cleaned up. I'm thinking that asking my Dad for help so soon after this last favor would be pushing it.

So if anyone has a chain saw, please let me know. There's some pizza and beer in it for ya.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost & Found - The Bears are Back

The bears are back people! It's about time right? I was wondering when the writers were going to address that one. Plus John asked Ben about "The Smoke". So I'm thinking the writers are going to give us an answer to those two things in order to put them behind us.

So what did you think about last night's episode? After watching I feel more confident that the people on the helicopter are good people. Even though their first priority was finding Ben and not a rescue effort, I do think they are not there to hurt the survivors of 815. I'm guessing that they have been hired by Dharma to go back to the island and kill off Ben and his followers for what they did to Dharma back in the day. Plus if the women can't have children, it's possible that if anyone leaves the island who is "infected" they might spread it to others on the mainland. Maybe that's why Ben is saying they will ALL be killed. So who knows. I also loved when Jack's people came out of the woods and captured the helicopter gang. It was very "others-like". How ironic.

So, the helicopter gang. What do you think of them? I love that Daniel, (I think that's his name) the guy who can communicate with ghosts. Kind of adds a new level of craziness to everything.

I also like that the woman was found by John's side. An interesting twist. Also, the fact that the pilot is a drunk, and knew that the decomposing, underwater pilot was not his friend, adds another level of mystery to the story. I wonder if they will use the helicopter to fly off the island. That is unless Locke decides to blow it up.

I'm also getting a little annoyed by Ben. I don't see the point of keeping him alive. Can someone please explain this to me? I'm not buying the "he has information" bit.

So what's the deal with Walt? Is he there or a figment of John's imagination. And what's so special about the cabin? And will we see more polar bears?

I need answers people! And be sure to take this week's poll and let us know what you think of the helicopter gang.

Monday, February 4, 2008

New Sites & Sounds - MPW

Hi all, Missing Palmer West will be playing at the North Star in Philly this Saturday, February 9th, 9pm with Minor White & Kate Starr.

Also, they have a new look and feel to their web site. Be sure to check it out! And I hope to see you all on Saturday.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Lost & Found

So what did you all think about Lost last night? I wasn't blown away but I do think it was an important episode to set up this season. I'm also not sure how I feel about the whole flash-forward thing. I'm so used to flash-backs that it's a bit hard to keep track of things. Plus I'm kind of an idiot anyway.

Anyhoo. I really hope that the whole Lost universe isn't just something concocted in Hurley's mind. That's kind of how I felt about it all. His whole seeing things and whatnot. I have to admit that I did like that the Lost folks have taken sides between Jack and John. I'm thinking that the Oceanic 6 are Jack, Hurley, Kate, Juliet, Rose, and Bernard. But who the heck knows.

I hate that Ben. He's a real mind effer. I could give two craps about Claire and Charlie. I'm sick of his dumb song anyway. Altho, I did like seeing him in Hurley's daydream. And what about that dude that parachuted in at the end (Jeremy Davies). Good or bad? He's kinda hot in a weird sort of way.

And who's in the dag-on coffin?

Boy-o-boy, so many questions already. Can't wait till next week. I've posted a poll over to the right. Let me know what you would do?