Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost & Found - The Bears are Back

The bears are back people! It's about time right? I was wondering when the writers were going to address that one. Plus John asked Ben about "The Smoke". So I'm thinking the writers are going to give us an answer to those two things in order to put them behind us.

So what did you think about last night's episode? After watching I feel more confident that the people on the helicopter are good people. Even though their first priority was finding Ben and not a rescue effort, I do think they are not there to hurt the survivors of 815. I'm guessing that they have been hired by Dharma to go back to the island and kill off Ben and his followers for what they did to Dharma back in the day. Plus if the women can't have children, it's possible that if anyone leaves the island who is "infected" they might spread it to others on the mainland. Maybe that's why Ben is saying they will ALL be killed. So who knows. I also loved when Jack's people came out of the woods and captured the helicopter gang. It was very "others-like". How ironic.

So, the helicopter gang. What do you think of them? I love that Daniel, (I think that's his name) the guy who can communicate with ghosts. Kind of adds a new level of craziness to everything.

I also like that the woman was found by John's side. An interesting twist. Also, the fact that the pilot is a drunk, and knew that the decomposing, underwater pilot was not his friend, adds another level of mystery to the story. I wonder if they will use the helicopter to fly off the island. That is unless Locke decides to blow it up.

I'm also getting a little annoyed by Ben. I don't see the point of keeping him alive. Can someone please explain this to me? I'm not buying the "he has information" bit.

So what's the deal with Walt? Is he there or a figment of John's imagination. And what's so special about the cabin? And will we see more polar bears?

I need answers people! And be sure to take this week's poll and let us know what you think of the helicopter gang.