Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Missing Palmer West - FRIDAY!

Hi everyone, If you at all care about me or Beeps, you will show your love by coming to see Missing Palmer West this Friday at Chaplin's in in Spring City, PA

7:30 to 9pm.
All Ages (Adults can bring booze)

Remember, I know where you live.

Take LSD, Live to 102

Albert Hofmann, the father of the mind-altering drug LSD whose medical discovery inspired — and arguably corrupted — millions in the 1960s hippie generation, has died. He was 102.

The key to a long life has finally been discovered. And who says drugs are bad?

Monday, April 28, 2008

John Adams (and the director, producers, writers, and costume design team of the groundbreaking historically accurate mini series) Eat Your Heart Out

This past Saturday, Beeps, Smoochies and I, went down to S. Jersey to hang out at my parent's place during the Salem County Historical Society's colonial house tour. My parents bought an old 1755 house in 1968 and have been fixing it up ever since. They now play dress up and give strangers tours. So we all drove down to "help" which we translate to mean "drink beer in the garden and try not to look too wasted when the guests arrive." Below are some pics of our fabulous day. Enjoy. (Also, check out Smoochie's blog for more pics)

Smoochies and Bernie

I do declare.

Smoochies and Meg.
Me and Beeps.
Walter (blue) and my Pops (green).

Mom & Smoochies. Mom was cooking on the fire.

Glamour shot.

Our Laura Ingalls moment.

It's A-Baller's Life

So a winner to BB9 has finally been crowned. I know I've been slacking on the BB9 posts for a while now, but I think I was just overwhelmed by all the drama that was going on. I hated Natalie so much with her "Team Christ" bull crap and her "Matty" infatuation. It was just sad. I'll just say that I was stoked when she was caught in a lie and shown the door.

This always happens to me when I watch BB, I get attached to certain players, root for them, and then get pissed when they are voted out: Kaysar, Janelle, James, Josh, etc. I guess I like to side with the underdogs. And as soon as your fav is gone, you have to pick a new one and start all over. Luckily for me, I latched on to Adam aka "A-Baller". He seemed like an unlikely winner. He was actually very nice and had compassion toward those players who were going through rough times in the house. And as much as I called him "Steve Sanders" and his bugged out eyes gave me the creeps, he surprised me and pulled off the win.

Ryan was a dumb-ass for taking Adam with him instead of Sheila. Ryan could have easily won against Sheila. All she did was cry to get what she wanted. She only won one HOH and that is because Natalie gave it to her.

last night's live finale was pretty low-key. No one really hated each other except for Allison and Jen. They had a few nasty things to say about each other. And for a moment there, you kinda thought Sheila was going to vote for Ryan to win. James ended up winning the Rupert prize: $25K as the "Fan Favorite". How lame is that? He gets money just because the fans feel bad for him. I'm sure James will put the money to good use. He'll probably buy a new 10-speed with saddle bags and a side car for Chelsia as well as plenty of extra pink hair dye. Good call fans.

Anyway, congrats Adam. He made a promise to donate $100K of his money to the Autistic Foundation, so we'll have to see if that works out. I guess he's trying to make right his week-one comments about "Working with retards".

And so another chapter in the Big Brother series comes to an end. Be sure to tune in July 13th when the next bunch of suckers live in the BB house and battle it out for a half mill. Till then.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Re-Re Fug

So last Sunday I went to Smoochie's house. My parents were there and it just so happened that they hid GW in Smoochies' bathroom closet. But they made the mistake of placing it too early in the visit. See, Brent (Smoochies' beau), went to the potty and noticed GW peering at him from behind the curtain covering the closet. Not to be tagged, Brent decided to re-fug and place GW back in my parent's car. But alas! He too re-fugged too early in the visit. My Mom returned to the bathroom a short time later to see the GW had indeed been found. So her first thoughts were to search their car. As I was leaving I see Mom walk to the car, distracted and determined to find ... something. I left not realizing what had happened.

Until I got home and received this message on my phone:

We got re-refugged!

Brent attempted a refug and failed. Mom had found GW in the glove box and placed him back in the bathroom closet before she left.

Hence the re-refug. The saga continues.

I Have Nothing to Say About That

Hey folks, be sure to check out a new member of th blog-o-sphere. Smoochies, my sis, has started her own blog. I Have Nothing To Say About That. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm in Like with Jayson Werth

Inside the park home run. Nuff said.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Barack The Vote People!

Attention all Pennsylvania citizens! Be sure to hit the polls tomorrow to cast you vote for the most dynamic presidential contender in the last 4+ decades! This is a once in a generation moment and I for one will be Baracking the shit out of my vote! We must all come out to show that we are sick of politics as usual in Washington! And we as PA citizens have a chance to make political history. The media predicts that Hillary will win PA, but guess what? Not if we all get out there and cast our votes for Barack!
Sure, you could say "but JDiz, you're a lady, and Hillary is a lady, so you should vote for her." Well trust me folks, at first I was thinking that way, but then I got smart. See, as much as I think Hillary is a good person and her heart is in the right place, I'm ready for REAL change. I'm sick of the elite running this country and Hillary just stinks of entitlement. And plus, Bill was already in the white house once, I don't want him back.

Barack represents unity to me. He has optimism and hope and joy for what this country could be. He is the only one that can help us win back the hearts and minds of the world and unify the country. (Plus he just quoted some Jay-Z lines in his last speech.) So please, be smart, vote Barack.

I'm JDizzle and I approve this message.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Earf Day

Hi all, Next Tuesday is Earth Day and I'm hoping you will all do something to help save the planet. Maybe you switch to those energy saving light bulbs, maybe you walk to work, or maybe you just turn off the TV and read a book?

In the past few months, Beeps and I have started to try and reduce our carbon footprint. First of all, we don't have kids so we win big Earth points there: no diapers, wipes, poo, plastic toys, etc., etc. However, we do have dogs, which takes us back a few steps. They do indeed poo and consume. So what else... um, we bought reusable shopping bags which saves tons of plastic bags, we stopped buying bottled water, I try to buy animal-friendly beauty products and produce grown locally. We also started switching our light bulbs. I got a compost bin which keeps great garden-feeding nutrients out of the land fill and in my garden!

My coworker also turned me on to this site: This is the place to go and cancel all those darn print catalogs that are mailed to your house. What a great service! I've been getting Pottery Barn Kids for like 10 years. How the hell did I get on that list? I also get a random selection of other ones that I had no idea what to do with until now. Be sure to check it out.

I have also been doing a lot of recycling. I bind up my magazines in twine, donate books to the local library, drop old clothes and other goodies at the Salvie, and we just recently took a crap-load of electronics, computers, stereos, and assorted other high-tech gear to a community event where they collected these items to be recycled. Good times.

I know we aren't perfect, and we never will be, but it feels good to help a little. Plus I love the "holier-than-thou" feeling I have at the grocery store when I shoot those plastic-bag carrying Earth destroyers the stink-eye.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

JDizzle Quick Fact

I found out yesterday that only 2 degrees separates me from Richard Dean Anderson (AKA MacGyver).

Turns out that the guy Beeps is buying his keyboard from, is installing a theater surround sound system in Dick's house.

This has been your JDizzle Quick Fact.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MPW Shows on The Way!

Hi all, Missing Palmer West has some fabulous shows coming up. Be sure to check them out if you can. You will not be disappointed! 
Hope to see you there:

Thursday, April 17 @ Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DE - 9pm
21+ w/ Bain Mattox & Riptide

Friday, May 2 @ Chaplin's in Spring City, PA - 7:30pm - 9pm

Saturday, June 14 @ Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore, PA - 8pm
ALL AGES - BYOB - $8 w/ the John Grecia Band

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sound of Silence - Update

Hi all, sorry about the delay in posting an update about my poochie Joey Potter. There is promising news. Beeps took Joe to the vet, she looked in her ear and said that her internal ears were so swollen that she couldn't even look inside. Turns out that she has some type of internal ear infection. This is good news as it is most likely treatable. We are giving her drops twice a day. She HATES it! She has never run away from me until now. But it's for her own good. What's that saying "this hurts me more than it does you." Something like that. I think I remember hearing that right before my Dad whooped me with a  belt. But I digress. So far I think it's working. We take her back in 10 days for a follow up to see if it has helped. She does seem to be hearing more and she is playing with toys again. 

Thanks for all your kind words visitors! I'll keep you posted on her progress.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Sound of Silence

This past weekend was good but a bit strange. Beeps and I managed to get a lot done in terms of the clean-up of our band room/ office. In addition, our good friends Domdypants were visiting from Brooklyn. So we got to hang with them, drink some beers, and complain about the Democratic nomination race. But what made it sad you ask? Well I think our dog Joey is deaf. And it kills me to think that it might be caused by something I did. Of course this is just me being hard on myself, but who knows? I made an appointment to take her to the vet on Wednesday to get answers.

So you are probably wondering why I think my dog is deaf. And to be honest, the signs have been there for longer than I can remember. I just never put 2 and 2 together. So on Saturday it just came to me like an epiphany. I had gone upstairs while she was sleeping. Upon waking she frantically ran around the downstairs of the house looking for me. I called her, and called her but she didn't seem to hear me. Holly crap, I thought, she's deaf.

My mind then quickly raced through all the moments where being hearing impaired might be the cause of her behavior:

Why did she stop coming when I called her?
Why doesn't she wake up when I come home from work?
Why does she stare at me puzzled when I ask her if she wants to eat, go outside, or have a treat?
Why does she respond to hand signals rather than vocal commands?

So to test our theory (since the chance of her telling us herself is slim), Beeps and I conducted a few experiments. We wanted to make sure that she was indeed hearing impared and not just ignoring us. While she was sleeping, we walked up behind her, clapped loudly, and called her name at the top of our voices. No response. Not even a flinch. Next she was standing in front of me facing away. I did the same thing. No response. Later she was asleep on the couch. I took Beeps' keys and shook them wildly next to her ear. No movement.

I don't mind so much that she may be hearing impaired but what I can't help thinking is that I somehow contributed. Did I clean her ears too harshly that I damaged her eardrum? Maybe she had an ear infection that I didn't catch in time? Maybe we played too rough and I accidentally hurt her ear. Who knows, maybe she was always like this and I never noticed. I mean she never ran too far away from me, she is skittish around other dogs and some people, she sleeps pretty soundly. I dunno. I just run through all of this craziness in my head.

Well I guess we'll find out on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Battlestar Bitches!

The wait is over!!! Battlestar Galactica is back for its final season TONIGHT 10pm on the SciFi Channel. For those of you who watch it, good for you. You are better for it. For those that do not, rent the first 3 seasons ASAP and get on board, cause it's been a hell of a ride. If you need convincing watch Battlestar Galactica Revealed on the SciFi Channel web site.

Did I already say it is the best show on TV? CAUSE IT FRAKING IS!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fug Hunt Continues

If you aren't familiar with the Fug Hunt chronicles. Be sure to do some reading up on the back story here. But for those familiar, the next chapter has been written. A few weeks ago my parents came for a visit. They picked Beeps and me up and we attended the antiques show here in Dub-C. I had been holding on to GW for months. He last appeared in our dog food can after our trip to the cabin over Thanksgiving. So it was perfect timing to make the drop off. No one would suspect. I concealed GW in my giant purse during the whole show until we were dropped off back at my house. Before exiting the car, I slyly placed GW in the pocket behind the passenger seat.

Then I waited, and waited, and waited. An no phone call or email to say GW had been found. Finally I get a call from my Mom from the Poconos. She and Dad had returned to finish up some work on the cabin. She said "did you check your email?" I knew immediately that GW had been found. Turns out that they had not found him until they were packing for the Cabin. "No one ever sits back there." said Mom.

So here's the picture. GW apparently helped Mom and Dad with their Revolutionary War-Themed puzzle. A perfect task for the bust of our first president.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Apology

So if you didn't read yesterday's post, a client was very unhappy with some work I did for him. This morning I come in to this email apology. I was stunned to say the least.

"I apologize for being so harsh with my observations about the press release. Suppose all the decisions I've had to make lately have resulted in a shorter fuse which is not good. So kindly forgive my lack of patience and I'll have Bob respond to your revised copy."

He could have done that yesterday to save me the sleepless night filled with insecurity. But what the heck. At least he had a change of heart and realized what a d-bag he was.

I guess I have to call all those magazines I put in his name, and cancel the subscriptions.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sometimes Work Sucks

So today (and this is no joke) I sent a press release I had written (about the client, for the client), to the client. His email response both surprised me and made me sick to my stomach. This guy is a real bully. You know the kind: he expects everyone else to read his mind, he doesn't understand marketing and he can't express what he wants. So instead he sends a scathing email to me and cc's my boss. Nice.

Here's an abbreviated version with all the nastiness kept intact:

"It's very disappointing that the firm we spent $[xxx] to do our branding would identify us as an investment firm and identify me as the owner when [X] owns the same number of shares. I would expect you folks to have notes to provide you with that kind of info. This press release is not being prepared by a firm unfamiliar with our company... if you get the sense that I'm very disappointed with this release, that could be an understatement. If I've got to provide any more direction, then I might as well write it myself."

Happy day, o' happy day.