Friday, April 18, 2008

Earf Day

Hi all, Next Tuesday is Earth Day and I'm hoping you will all do something to help save the planet. Maybe you switch to those energy saving light bulbs, maybe you walk to work, or maybe you just turn off the TV and read a book?

In the past few months, Beeps and I have started to try and reduce our carbon footprint. First of all, we don't have kids so we win big Earth points there: no diapers, wipes, poo, plastic toys, etc., etc. However, we do have dogs, which takes us back a few steps. They do indeed poo and consume. So what else... um, we bought reusable shopping bags which saves tons of plastic bags, we stopped buying bottled water, I try to buy animal-friendly beauty products and produce grown locally. We also started switching our light bulbs. I got a compost bin which keeps great garden-feeding nutrients out of the land fill and in my garden!

My coworker also turned me on to this site: This is the place to go and cancel all those darn print catalogs that are mailed to your house. What a great service! I've been getting Pottery Barn Kids for like 10 years. How the hell did I get on that list? I also get a random selection of other ones that I had no idea what to do with until now. Be sure to check it out.

I have also been doing a lot of recycling. I bind up my magazines in twine, donate books to the local library, drop old clothes and other goodies at the Salvie, and we just recently took a crap-load of electronics, computers, stereos, and assorted other high-tech gear to a community event where they collected these items to be recycled. Good times.

I know we aren't perfect, and we never will be, but it feels good to help a little. Plus I love the "holier-than-thou" feeling I have at the grocery store when I shoot those plastic-bag carrying Earth destroyers the stink-eye.