Monday, April 28, 2008

It's A-Baller's Life

So a winner to BB9 has finally been crowned. I know I've been slacking on the BB9 posts for a while now, but I think I was just overwhelmed by all the drama that was going on. I hated Natalie so much with her "Team Christ" bull crap and her "Matty" infatuation. It was just sad. I'll just say that I was stoked when she was caught in a lie and shown the door.

This always happens to me when I watch BB, I get attached to certain players, root for them, and then get pissed when they are voted out: Kaysar, Janelle, James, Josh, etc. I guess I like to side with the underdogs. And as soon as your fav is gone, you have to pick a new one and start all over. Luckily for me, I latched on to Adam aka "A-Baller". He seemed like an unlikely winner. He was actually very nice and had compassion toward those players who were going through rough times in the house. And as much as I called him "Steve Sanders" and his bugged out eyes gave me the creeps, he surprised me and pulled off the win.

Ryan was a dumb-ass for taking Adam with him instead of Sheila. Ryan could have easily won against Sheila. All she did was cry to get what she wanted. She only won one HOH and that is because Natalie gave it to her.

last night's live finale was pretty low-key. No one really hated each other except for Allison and Jen. They had a few nasty things to say about each other. And for a moment there, you kinda thought Sheila was going to vote for Ryan to win. James ended up winning the Rupert prize: $25K as the "Fan Favorite". How lame is that? He gets money just because the fans feel bad for him. I'm sure James will put the money to good use. He'll probably buy a new 10-speed with saddle bags and a side car for Chelsia as well as plenty of extra pink hair dye. Good call fans.

Anyway, congrats Adam. He made a promise to donate $100K of his money to the Autistic Foundation, so we'll have to see if that works out. I guess he's trying to make right his week-one comments about "Working with retards".

And so another chapter in the Big Brother series comes to an end. Be sure to tune in July 13th when the next bunch of suckers live in the BB house and battle it out for a half mill. Till then.