Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sometimes Work Sucks

So today (and this is no joke) I sent a press release I had written (about the client, for the client), to the client. His email response both surprised me and made me sick to my stomach. This guy is a real bully. You know the kind: he expects everyone else to read his mind, he doesn't understand marketing and he can't express what he wants. So instead he sends a scathing email to me and cc's my boss. Nice.

Here's an abbreviated version with all the nastiness kept intact:

"It's very disappointing that the firm we spent $[xxx] to do our branding would identify us as an investment firm and identify me as the owner when [X] owns the same number of shares. I would expect you folks to have notes to provide you with that kind of info. This press release is not being prepared by a firm unfamiliar with our company... if you get the sense that I'm very disappointed with this release, that could be an understatement. If I've got to provide any more direction, then I might as well write it myself."

Happy day, o' happy day.