Monday, April 21, 2008

Barack The Vote People!

Attention all Pennsylvania citizens! Be sure to hit the polls tomorrow to cast you vote for the most dynamic presidential contender in the last 4+ decades! This is a once in a generation moment and I for one will be Baracking the shit out of my vote! We must all come out to show that we are sick of politics as usual in Washington! And we as PA citizens have a chance to make political history. The media predicts that Hillary will win PA, but guess what? Not if we all get out there and cast our votes for Barack!
Sure, you could say "but JDiz, you're a lady, and Hillary is a lady, so you should vote for her." Well trust me folks, at first I was thinking that way, but then I got smart. See, as much as I think Hillary is a good person and her heart is in the right place, I'm ready for REAL change. I'm sick of the elite running this country and Hillary just stinks of entitlement. And plus, Bill was already in the white house once, I don't want him back.

Barack represents unity to me. He has optimism and hope and joy for what this country could be. He is the only one that can help us win back the hearts and minds of the world and unify the country. (Plus he just quoted some Jay-Z lines in his last speech.) So please, be smart, vote Barack.

I'm JDizzle and I approve this message.