Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fug Hunt Continues

If you aren't familiar with the Fug Hunt chronicles. Be sure to do some reading up on the back story here. But for those familiar, the next chapter has been written. A few weeks ago my parents came for a visit. They picked Beeps and me up and we attended the antiques show here in Dub-C. I had been holding on to GW for months. He last appeared in our dog food can after our trip to the cabin over Thanksgiving. So it was perfect timing to make the drop off. No one would suspect. I concealed GW in my giant purse during the whole show until we were dropped off back at my house. Before exiting the car, I slyly placed GW in the pocket behind the passenger seat.

Then I waited, and waited, and waited. An no phone call or email to say GW had been found. Finally I get a call from my Mom from the Poconos. She and Dad had returned to finish up some work on the cabin. She said "did you check your email?" I knew immediately that GW had been found. Turns out that they had not found him until they were packing for the Cabin. "No one ever sits back there." said Mom.

So here's the picture. GW apparently helped Mom and Dad with their Revolutionary War-Themed puzzle. A perfect task for the bust of our first president.