Monday, April 14, 2008

Sound of Silence - Update

Hi all, sorry about the delay in posting an update about my poochie Joey Potter. There is promising news. Beeps took Joe to the vet, she looked in her ear and said that her internal ears were so swollen that she couldn't even look inside. Turns out that she has some type of internal ear infection. This is good news as it is most likely treatable. We are giving her drops twice a day. She HATES it! She has never run away from me until now. But it's for her own good. What's that saying "this hurts me more than it does you." Something like that. I think I remember hearing that right before my Dad whooped me with a  belt. But I digress. So far I think it's working. We take her back in 10 days for a follow up to see if it has helped. She does seem to be hearing more and she is playing with toys again. 

Thanks for all your kind words visitors! I'll keep you posted on her progress.