Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Re-Re Fug

So last Sunday I went to Smoochie's house. My parents were there and it just so happened that they hid GW in Smoochies' bathroom closet. But they made the mistake of placing it too early in the visit. See, Brent (Smoochies' beau), went to the potty and noticed GW peering at him from behind the curtain covering the closet. Not to be tagged, Brent decided to re-fug and place GW back in my parent's car. But alas! He too re-fugged too early in the visit. My Mom returned to the bathroom a short time later to see the GW had indeed been found. So her first thoughts were to search their car. As I was leaving I see Mom walk to the car, distracted and determined to find ... something. I left not realizing what had happened.

Until I got home and received this message on my phone:

We got re-refugged!

Brent attempted a refug and failed. Mom had found GW in the glove box and placed him back in the bathroom closet before she left.

Hence the re-refug. The saga continues.