Monday, April 28, 2008

John Adams (and the director, producers, writers, and costume design team of the groundbreaking historically accurate mini series) Eat Your Heart Out

This past Saturday, Beeps, Smoochies and I, went down to S. Jersey to hang out at my parent's place during the Salem County Historical Society's colonial house tour. My parents bought an old 1755 house in 1968 and have been fixing it up ever since. They now play dress up and give strangers tours. So we all drove down to "help" which we translate to mean "drink beer in the garden and try not to look too wasted when the guests arrive." Below are some pics of our fabulous day. Enjoy. (Also, check out Smoochie's blog for more pics)

Smoochies and Bernie

I do declare.

Smoochies and Meg.
Me and Beeps.
Walter (blue) and my Pops (green).

Mom & Smoochies. Mom was cooking on the fire.

Glamour shot.

Our Laura Ingalls moment.