Sunday, June 29, 2008


The wait is over. Finally Bango is available to any one who decides to view it. Are you ready for action? Adventure? Love? Betrayal? and Forgiveness? Do you have 10 minutes of your life to spare? Do you love cowboys with bad teeth and a penchant for ripping off their shirts? Do you like drunk hobos and chase scenes? Do you have a soft spot in you heart for a gorilla with a short fuse?

Then you are ready to watch the single greatest love story of our time. Directed by yours truly and filmed on the streets of Dub-C in the summer of 1999, Bango is a existential swath through the town of West Chester, PA (Long before Bam, before imitation gorillas ran the brick-laden streets unlicensed and before people in West Chester decided to make their own gorilla suits.) It is the brain child of 5 inebriated 20-somethings with a camera and a lot of time on their hands. And if you look close, you will see my cameo at Jitters.

Without further ado I bring you...


Friday, June 27, 2008

More Ice Cream Tattoo Pics

Here are two more funny pics from our ice cream quest. Thanks John! Beeps' face is priceless!

Photo by Julie Gottesman

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ice Cream + Tattoos = Good Times

Tonight we headed over to partake in the Ice Cream Tattoo Quest. We got our ice cream cone tattoo and score cards and pounded pavement over to the first location.

Here's Beeps and Smoochies at West Chester Scoop. Yum. Our favorite place. We shared one small bowl of chocolate crunch stuff. The price is right but the service could have been delivered with more of a smile. We didn't care tho. They gave out free donut samples and the ice cream was great.

Next we headed over to Rickey's. Great service, a better selection, but the "recommendation" of clown berry or whatever it was called, was just so-so.

These creepy puppets hung on a display near the counter.

One kick-a$$ benefit to buying ice cream at Ricky's is the free toppings. 27 of them. We got sprinkles.
Next we headed to Sprazzo. Great place, great ice cream, great service, not so great price. We shared a tiramisu and an orange.

Finally we hit up Kaptain K's. Despite the fact that they can't spell, we thoroughly enjoyed the walk-up window right on Gay street as well as the black raspberry ice cream.

After we received our last star, we headed back to HQ to get our flames. John did a great job with the tats.

And just for the record. Here's a before:

sans flames... (notice that I was being environmentally responsible by brining my own spoon)

And flames. John hooked me up with a pink and red, sparkle, flame, hybrid.

Great event Mary and John, can't wait to see what's next!

Ice Cream Tattoo Quest

Tonight in Dub-C, WC Dish and Guerilla Drive-In are sponsoring a fabulous ice cream and tattoo event. What they have in common I don't know except they are both super sweet. Here's how it works. Those interested show up at the courtyard at The Lincoln Room a.k.a. "HQ" (Just a side note: I saw Dirty Marie take a crap in this very same courtyard about 8 years ago). Here you will get a sweet airbrushed tattoo of a basic ice cream cone, a score card and a map to 5 ice cream shops in West Chester. You travel around to the shops, eat ice cream, rate them, and then get a star sticker from each shop. Once you've collected 4 stickers, return to HQ and get some even sweeter flames tattooed above you ice cream cone. Plus your feedback helps determine the best shop in town.

Good times. Beeps and I will be there and hopefully we will be bringing a posse of tattoo lovers. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dumb Dora Was So Dumb

I Cannot fricking wait for this. It sounds sooooo good! Niecy Nash, Norm MacDonald, Scott Thompson, Sarah Silverman!

I'm so there!

Happy Hour Locator

My sister-in-law knows me all too well. She just sent me this link to Dig Philly that tells you where all the happy hours are in the Philly area and what their specials are. She must have known that I was on my way to one tonight. There are some bars missing but it's new so I guess they are still adding to the list. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

West Chester Celebrity Sighting

Last night Beeps and I decided to head out to Iron Hill to grab some grub and a beer or two. I had been craving a heaping plate of their delicious nachos and Beeps happily obliged. We bellied up to the bar facing the door so we could oogle at all the people at the front door waiting for tables. We both ordered the Hefe Weizsen (sp?) and they were delish. When our nachos arrived I plunged right in. I was about fist deep when Beeps said

"Hey, Cole Hamels is here."
"Holy crap really?" I knew he lived in Dub-C and our friend/ Chef over at Spence has served on him several times (apparently he gets his lucky turkey sandwich before games), but this was my first time seeing him out.

The hostess greeted him at the door, but instead of whisking him away to his special "celebrity" Iron Hill table, he was put on the waiting list and handed a buzzer, just like everybody else.

"The hostess must not know who he is." I thought. Then my mind flashes back to the reoccurring column in US Weekly Stars: They're Just Like Us! Now I know it's true.

So, of course people are flocking to him like the awesome mound master that he is, furiously shaking his hand for that slaughter over the Red Sox the other night.

I was star struck! My heart said, "Go say hi you jerk. He's like 20 feet away." but my head said "You are so not the desperate groupie kind. Plus he lives here, you live here. It's no big deal."

And Beeps, who is the biggest Phillies Phan EVER (Maybe not as nuts as Turkey), sat there nibbling on nachos like he wasn't even there. But I knew he must have been dying inside!

Well, I listened to my head, but not before trying to snap a few incognito pictures from my camera phone. Of course getting the guts up to take that out was, in itself, hard enough. I mean the guy was looking right at me. That's just stalker weird. I tried anyway but before I could get off a shot, Cole's little blinking buzzer went off and he and Heidi floated to their awaiting seats.

Hopefully to order a plate full of delicious nachos.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Roommate Needed

Hey, do you or does someone you know have a hankering to live in beautiful Dub-C? If so, go over to my friend Josh's blog and let him know. His current roomie had to move out and now he needs someone to help share the expenses. He's a good guy I swear. And a hell of a party planner. And I hear that his pet armadillo is declawed. So check it out and refer your friends.

Josh's armadillo "Freckles"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ghetto Fabulous Prom 2008

This is almost too much to handle.

Compare and Contrast

Hi all, are you still deciding on who to vote for this fall? Do you know where your candidate stands on the topics important to you? Well look no further. Here's a cool site with side-by-side info. (Thanks Gracie!) Enjoy, and be sure to put your two cents in on my poll over here --->

PS: Vote Obama or Michelle will kick your ass.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ugh, I'm Finally Back

Hi Townies. So sorry for the delay in posting. Work has been CRAZY! And I've been just massively stressed over a variety of things which will be explained in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.

However, for the past several months I've been working on putting together this press event for a client (sending invites, making calls, organizing stuff). And I've been just praying that people show. The event was this past Tuesday and it turned out to be ok. It stormed pretty bad so I think that kept people away. But what can you do? I don't control the weather or people's actions. Now I move into follow-up mode.

Meanwhile, nothing has really happened in my personal life. The weekends have been pretty tame. This weekend my Nana is coming to my house for a visit so Beeps and I will be cleaning tonight and I have to make some grub for a picnic my sis is having. Nothing crazy.

Oh, one thing of note, is that Beeps and I now have a new favorite reality show: Celebrity Circus. We tuned in the other night just to see how bad and funny it would be. Beeps recalled how he enjoyed Circus of the Stars when he was younger. I could never get into that show because I never watched soap operas. Anyway, so we figured Celebrity Circus would be bad. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves entertained. We LOVED it!

I was especially amazed at how in shape these celebs need to be to pull off this crap. And Antonio Sabato Jr. still looks pretty hot. Can someone tell me why he never had a career? I am also in like with that Stacy Dash tart that played Dee in Clueless. She's super cute.

The premise is that these D list celebs train on a variety of acts like the High Wire, Fire Dancing, Hand Balancing, Flying Trapeze, Chinese Poles, Aerial Silks, and the Wheel of Death, and the stars have eight weeks to train and perfect their acts. The host is Joey FATone and each week the viewers decide who goes home. But the best part of the show is Louie Spence (one of the "Talented" judges) who is so effeminate, and he has the strangest slobbery lisp, that he is almost a caricature of gay man doing an impersonation of a straight man impersonating a gay man. I LOVE IT! I hang on his every word just waiting for him to pronounce something with an "S". Good times.

It's on Wednesday at 9:30. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Ok, gotta go, but have a fab weekend everyone.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Only Tool You'll Ever Need

Hi Townies. This week has been, and will continue to be, crazy for me. So I might not post for a few more days. So here's something fun for you to giggle at. Smoochies sent it to me. Enjoy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kaiju Big Battel

I know she said to check here for more recap, but my camera's battery was dead and I think Smoochies did a fine job of summarizing yesterday's Kaiju match. Check out her blog for all the gory details.