Sunday, June 29, 2008


The wait is over. Finally Bango is available to any one who decides to view it. Are you ready for action? Adventure? Love? Betrayal? and Forgiveness? Do you have 10 minutes of your life to spare? Do you love cowboys with bad teeth and a penchant for ripping off their shirts? Do you like drunk hobos and chase scenes? Do you have a soft spot in you heart for a gorilla with a short fuse?

Then you are ready to watch the single greatest love story of our time. Directed by yours truly and filmed on the streets of Dub-C in the summer of 1999, Bango is a existential swath through the town of West Chester, PA (Long before Bam, before imitation gorillas ran the brick-laden streets unlicensed and before people in West Chester decided to make their own gorilla suits.) It is the brain child of 5 inebriated 20-somethings with a camera and a lot of time on their hands. And if you look close, you will see my cameo at Jitters.

Without further ado I bring you...