Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ice Cream + Tattoos = Good Times

Tonight we headed over to partake in the Ice Cream Tattoo Quest. We got our ice cream cone tattoo and score cards and pounded pavement over to the first location.

Here's Beeps and Smoochies at West Chester Scoop. Yum. Our favorite place. We shared one small bowl of chocolate crunch stuff. The price is right but the service could have been delivered with more of a smile. We didn't care tho. They gave out free donut samples and the ice cream was great.

Next we headed over to Rickey's. Great service, a better selection, but the "recommendation" of clown berry or whatever it was called, was just so-so.

These creepy puppets hung on a display near the counter.

One kick-a$$ benefit to buying ice cream at Ricky's is the free toppings. 27 of them. We got sprinkles.
Next we headed to Sprazzo. Great place, great ice cream, great service, not so great price. We shared a tiramisu and an orange.

Finally we hit up Kaptain K's. Despite the fact that they can't spell, we thoroughly enjoyed the walk-up window right on Gay street as well as the black raspberry ice cream.

After we received our last star, we headed back to HQ to get our flames. John did a great job with the tats.

And just for the record. Here's a before:

sans flames... (notice that I was being environmentally responsible by brining my own spoon)

And flames. John hooked me up with a pink and red, sparkle, flame, hybrid.

Great event Mary and John, can't wait to see what's next!