Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ice Cream Tattoo Quest

Tonight in Dub-C, WC Dish and Guerilla Drive-In are sponsoring a fabulous ice cream and tattoo event. What they have in common I don't know except they are both super sweet. Here's how it works. Those interested show up at the courtyard at The Lincoln Room a.k.a. "HQ" (Just a side note: I saw Dirty Marie take a crap in this very same courtyard about 8 years ago). Here you will get a sweet airbrushed tattoo of a basic ice cream cone, a score card and a map to 5 ice cream shops in West Chester. You travel around to the shops, eat ice cream, rate them, and then get a star sticker from each shop. Once you've collected 4 stickers, return to HQ and get some even sweeter flames tattooed above you ice cream cone. Plus your feedback helps determine the best shop in town.

Good times. Beeps and I will be there and hopefully we will be bringing a posse of tattoo lovers. Hope to see you there!