Thursday, June 19, 2008

West Chester Celebrity Sighting

Last night Beeps and I decided to head out to Iron Hill to grab some grub and a beer or two. I had been craving a heaping plate of their delicious nachos and Beeps happily obliged. We bellied up to the bar facing the door so we could oogle at all the people at the front door waiting for tables. We both ordered the Hefe Weizsen (sp?) and they were delish. When our nachos arrived I plunged right in. I was about fist deep when Beeps said

"Hey, Cole Hamels is here."
"Holy crap really?" I knew he lived in Dub-C and our friend/ Chef over at Spence has served on him several times (apparently he gets his lucky turkey sandwich before games), but this was my first time seeing him out.

The hostess greeted him at the door, but instead of whisking him away to his special "celebrity" Iron Hill table, he was put on the waiting list and handed a buzzer, just like everybody else.

"The hostess must not know who he is." I thought. Then my mind flashes back to the reoccurring column in US Weekly Stars: They're Just Like Us! Now I know it's true.

So, of course people are flocking to him like the awesome mound master that he is, furiously shaking his hand for that slaughter over the Red Sox the other night.

I was star struck! My heart said, "Go say hi you jerk. He's like 20 feet away." but my head said "You are so not the desperate groupie kind. Plus he lives here, you live here. It's no big deal."

And Beeps, who is the biggest Phillies Phan EVER (Maybe not as nuts as Turkey), sat there nibbling on nachos like he wasn't even there. But I knew he must have been dying inside!

Well, I listened to my head, but not before trying to snap a few incognito pictures from my camera phone. Of course getting the guts up to take that out was, in itself, hard enough. I mean the guy was looking right at me. That's just stalker weird. I tried anyway but before I could get off a shot, Cole's little blinking buzzer went off and he and Heidi floated to their awaiting seats.

Hopefully to order a plate full of delicious nachos.