Monday, March 31, 2008

White Folks Like Horses

In honor of the fabulously accurate blog Stuff White People Like, I have another one to add: Horse Racing. Yesterday my work sponsored a tent at a local (name withheld to protect the innocent) Point-to-Point. I have never been to this type of event before so I was really looking forward to it. Plus it was such a great day to be outside. A point-to-point (for those who may not know) is a horse race on a course around a large country field. It originally began in Ireland in the 1700s. The horses are thoroughbred fox hunting horses and are agile on grass terrain as well as jumping fences and other obstacles. It is a very expensive and dangerous sport. So I guess that's why white people like it.

Regardless, it was a blast. We tailgated like it was our job (oh yeah, I was there with my company so I guess it was my job). And the horses were just stunning. Lots of danger and action. I LOVED IT! And best of all, no fox were injured in the making of the race. So here are some pictures so you too can experience what it's like to be white. Click on the pictures to get the full effect.