Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's That Sound?

I hope you all watched BB9 last night. Although it was just the veto competition, I think you would agree that we are starting to see the devilish side of our house guests emerge. As much as Josh is a total hot head, I do like him and Sharon together. And I like them as HOH. It is really entertaining when the pack kills off the most hated (Amanda) and then turns its sights to the second most hated: Allison. Josh really dislikes her and no matter what she says, he will never like her. And the rest of the house is perfectly happy that the heat is not on them.

My other favorite person in the house right now is Matt. At least he's making things interesting by playing all sides and trying to befriend everyone. he even goes so far as to make out with Sharon, um what? I love his advice to Allison about her predicament with Josh. He said something like "Gay guys are just like girls so just talk to him like he's your girlfriend." Umm what??? hahahah. That' your advice? The funny thing is that Allison took it! And Josh just hates her even more.

Also, how great is the love-hate relationship between Matt and Natalie? He's actually taken to hiding from her to keep her away. She's like a lost puppy, just following him around and trying to give him massages and cuddle in bed. And he just blatantly tells her to not touch him and "shut up." And she thinks he's just being coy. I love it! I did feel bad for her when she finally told him that her feelings were hurt by his meanness. I just hope they keep it together enough to win the game. I'm on team Matt & Natalie now.

So what about that sound? And the Hudson Virus? What do you think it means? I don't blame the house guests for being nervous. I think they are going to make them either switch partners OR start playing the game individually. If they don't split the pairs up soon, this game could be over in like 3 weeks.

One more thing. I don't think BB is telling us everything that goes on in the house. I was on Perez the other day and watched a clip of Josh talking about his sex life. (I don't subscribe to the online thing or have BB Afterdark so I miss a whole lot of action) and James was chiming in about his experience with, how do I put this gently, his pleasure in the back door area, which makes me think that Chelsia knows about his dabble in gay porn. So why didn't BB tell us that she knows? Unless they are saving that for another episode.

We'll have to see. I hope we say good bye to Allison and Ryan tonight. Stay tuned!