Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dub-C Is on The Map!

Guess what folks? If you ever wondered where the inspiration for Hometown Hangover came from, you can now feel the magic yourselves by taking a Google Maps Street View tour of your own. Just go to Google Maps and type in "West Chester, PA" then choose "Street View" and click on any of the blue areas. Then click on the arrows to do your own walking tour of the town. No need to worry about being hit by cars that run red lights or the homeless folks barking at you, this is as close as you can get to the real deal with out actually being there.

Some points of interest:

Be sure to click on the corner of S.Wayne and Gay st. to gander at Rex's Bar. Where many nights of magic and dirty martinis materialized.

Click on Market and Church and peer up to the 3rd. floor of the Manito Title Insurance building to reminisce about parties with JDizz and Beeps. Where Jeff and I spent a long night on the rooftop with the laser widow, and where Turkey flashed her goodies to the neighbor boys.

Hit the corner of High and Gay to gaze at Iron Hill and remember good times past at The Restaurant & Bar.

Be sure to stop by Everhart Park and take the dogs for a walk.

and finally,

Visit Rosedale and Church to do a couple of long overdue keg stands.