Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BB9 Till Death Do You Part

Okay, so what did you guys think about last night's BB9? I LOVED IT! Let's see how accurate my predictions were.

Sharon - I guess I kinda got this right. Especially the eyebrow part. however I didn't see the "ex-factor" coming into the equation. So I guess I was kinda wrong too. I must admit that I like her just for the fact that she's going to be a complete bitch with her ex in the house. We've already started to see why things will never work between them. He's a cheater and she holds grudges. LOVE IT! Although I was impressed with their stamina on the challenge.

Which brings me to Jacob - I think I'm spot-on with this one. He's definitely the southern boy with the hometown mentality. We haven't seen his homophobia come out yet, but stay tuned, it's in there. He's in the worst position in the house. Kinda like pay back for his cheating. He's already taken a beating from Sharon. Let's see if he can make this work.

Sheila - DAMN I'M GOOD! I pegged her right from the start. Former model my ass. I feel really bad for Ian Zeiring, uh I mean Adam. Poor guy, he's not only the ugliest house guest as made perfectly clear by Sheila, but he's stuck with her too. Sheila is an awful human being. What did she think was going to happen? She's like 45 years old in a house with 23 year olds and she's looking to hook up? What she really needs is to be locked up. Ba-da-bum-bum

Adam - This guy got the shit end of the poop shovel. If they are evicting by couples, he has no chance being paired with Sheila. She's a selfish mess. His only hope is that BB lets them change partners. However, he should probably pack his bags.

Matt - I can't figure out if I'm right about him yet, but I think I am. I love that he's paired with Natalie. If anyone is going to end up together it's those two. He's a meathead who loves boobs and she's a ditz who has them, so we'll see. I was 100% spot on with her prediction. She's going to be quite entertaining this season.

Neil and Joshuah - Okay, I was waaaay off on this one. See I told you I didn't have gaydar. But I LOOOOVE them and they are already my favorite team. Just cause they are going to be lots of fun and good to look at even if they aren't into girls. Bummer that Joshuah isn't straight but I'll still gawk at him anyway although he's not as cute as his picture. I really think they are a good match too so we'll see.

Parker - I really like this guy and I think he and Jen are going to make a good team. Parker seems really sweet and courteous towards his lady and I like that. I can't believe Jen is with Ryan! She's so cute and he's a sweaty monster. Ugg, I hope Parker steals her away from that ogre.

Allison - I don't have an opinion of her yet, but I stand by my soulless prediction for now. I feel bad that she's partnered with the sweaty Ryan. They're going to need rubber sheets for that bed.

Chelsia - OMG! What is the deal with her eye liner and fake tan? I don't get it. And I can't believe the guys like that. She's so odd. But I love that she's paired with crazy James the homeless man. haha. I LOVE IT! She is going to get so sick of his crap fast! So I called James but that was easy, however the homeless part was a big surprise. Let's just hope he doesn't eat out of the trash.

Alex - Got this one waaaaaay wrong. But I mean look at him? Pink, fauxhawk, one hoop earing. You can't blame me. But once he spoke he sounded like a real bozo. And the fact that he said "I don't want anyone to know that I own my own business" I was like, you probably spin records at weddings and bar mitzvahs so who cares? Anyway, Amanda's a real piece of work and although I was right about her liking round things, I'm also pretty sure the only breeze she feels is the one blowing between her ears.


I love this season already. Let me know what you think.

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