Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A New Low

Okay, I hope you all watched BB9 last night. How crazy was that? I really think reality TV has hit a new low and as Beeps likes to point out, "Reality TV won't be happy until someone dies." Well it almost became real last night when both Amanda and Allison had to be rushed to the hospital. It was actually hard to watch. Poor Amanda not only passed out on the floor but she went into almost violent convulsions. Luckily Nicole and James were there to save the day.

How great was James (even though we all know he has the secret gay porn thing going on)? He was calm, cool, and collected the whole time and really helped Amanda stay focused when she finally came to. I applaud him.

I also wish we had gotten to see Allison all swollen but alas she was taken out the back door through the diary room. Beeps made a good point that she probably had a reaction to the peanuts in the veto competition. Big Brother should know better.

But all seriousness aside, let's get to the shallow drama. What is the deal with Sheila? She's C-R-A-Z-Y! I mean, bat-ass crazy! I guess being confined in that house just magnifies your paranoia, but her reaction to Allison hanging with other house mates bordered on schizophrenic. She just ran her mouth to everyone in the house and of course they told Allison who was very dignified in her reaction. Sheila needs to back off. And after the near-death incident with Amanda and Allison, it looks like she's starting to learn about what is really important in life. I feel bad for her kid.

I also love that Matt and Alex are freaking out over being put up on the block. I love how they are trying to get a rise out of James and he's like "so what, keep talking".

And what ever happened to "Operation Condor"? I guess friendships only last so long in the BB house. I'm not sure that alliance can be salvaged.

Stay tuned.