Monday, February 18, 2008

A Girl Can Dream Can't She?

I just received a very frustrating email from someone who I am close to, yet sometimes feel so far away from. This person will remain anonymous. The email had a link to an article about how white people will be a minority by 2050. I also received another email that had Newt Gingrich ranting about something. I did not watch it yet, but I can pretty much assume that he has something to say about fearing terrorist attacks or illegal immigrants or something.

I get very upset about these types of emails because this person and I do not agree on the same politics. This blows my mind as I really think that what I want from my government is what everyone should want. So I made a list of things and I sent it to this person. Below is my email.

These are the things that are important to me as an American citizen. I'd like to know if you disagree:

1. Freedom to think for myself, say what I want, and not have my phones tapped by the government.

2. Our country's reputation to the rest of the world as a model for positive change and not a war machine that polices the world and decides what's right for other nations. I'd like to see my president welcomed to other countries and not booed when he/ she arrives on foreign soil. I'd like to see my president shaking hands with all the leaders of the world.

3. I want my nation to take care of its own i.e. universal health care so that EVERYONE can live healthier happier lives without the threat of losing their homes to pay for medication or catastrophic medical bills. Right now people do not go to the doctor for fear of having to pay for claims. Imagine if health care was free and people took preventative care seriously??? Imagine how much happier you would be. Imagine if everyone could afford the prescription drugs that they needed to simply survive. Imagine a world where hospitals didn't dump sick people off on the doorsteps of homeless shelters because they couldn't pay their bills.

4. I would like my nation to lead the world in animal rights and environmental protection and preserve its open spaces and its native cultures.

5. I want to live in a nation that believes in equality for all people and enforces it.

6. A country that when it sends its citizens to war takes care of its soldiers and their families 100% for the rest of their lives.

7. I would like to see college offered to ALL students, free of charge (provided they make the grade). How much do we spend on the Iraq war daily? Something in the millions of dollars range. Why couldn't that go to sending our students to college or rebuilding homes in Louisiana?

8. I would like to see a nation that is not run by oil corporations or where decisions are not made by tobacco lobbyists.

9. I'd like to live in a country where the president takes responsibility for his/ her actions and doesn't protect his/ her buddies who flaunt their power and wallets at the American people.

10. I'd like to live in a country where there are strict gun control laws for assault weapons and more thorough background checks so that the murder rate goes down.

11. I'd like to keep religion and government policy as far apart as possible.

12. I'd like to see more jobs given to American people and not sent overseas.

13. I'd like to live in a nation that gives its people the economic freedom to care for the elderly and sick.

And finally,

14. I would like to live in a country where the American Dream means living a healthy, happy life surrounded by your family and friends and not how many "things" you own, how big your house is, or what car you drive.