Monday, February 25, 2008

Strike While The Iron's Hot

Our good friend Turkey celebrated her 30 something b-dude on February 16th. To help her adjust to her new age, her husband T-Bone reserved a karaoke room for us at Yakitori Boy in Chinatown. It was good fun as you can tell by the photos below. Dinner started off innocently enough until we moved to the karaoke room where the drinks and shots of sake were flying. Not to mention the serious song stylings of JDizzle and crew.

Here's a pic of the B-due girl herself Miss Turkey and that gentleman Dan.

Beeps and Wendle.

Beeps rockin' the mic.

Turkey & KJ.

All of the videos to the songs were strange Japanese versions of the originals. This is their interpretation of Ebony and Ivory. Hmmmm.

I think this was George Michael's Freedom.

Rickets and T-Bone.

JDizz & KJ.

Ahhh, that's the KJ we know and love...

And finally, I leave you with this moment captured in time.

I highly recommend this adventure for your next group outing. The food was great, the crowd was happy, and the private karaoke room was a blast.

I'd like to thank KJ for her hospitality and for letting us stay in her beautiful house. Although the next morning was a little rough going as you can imagine. KJ, Turkey, T-Bone, Beeps and I dragged ourselves to breakfast to recover a little before the drive home. However, a little hangover was worth it in exchange for the good times. And in the words of KJ herself, you gotta strike while the iron's hot.