Thursday, May 15, 2008

You Suck Blanco!

Last night me, Beeps, Smoochies and Brent went to the Phillies game. They lost to the Braves but we didn't care since our seats were totally kick-a$$. We enjoyed many beers and of course peanuts and Crackerjacks. We also were witness to some funny heckling by a group of plastered meatheads seated behind us. We sat front row left field and were only feet from the left fielder. Poor Gregor Blanco was told he sucked over, and over. At one point he just looked into the crowd, smiled and shook his head.

And Pat Burrell didn't have it much better. Beeps called to him trying to find out which was harder "sitting or standing?" I don't think Pat found it amusing. But he did scratch himself more than I ever thought possible. And so we ended up making it into a drinking game. "When Pat scratches himself, drink!" Needless to say, we consumed many ice cold miller lites, which were in reality, just kinda cold.

Regardless, we had a blast and nothing beats seeing a baseball game at beautiful Citizens Bank Park. Go Phills!