Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Bango ©™® now Marley & Me ©™®

The buzz around Dub-C is that Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are in town filming "Marley & Me". The director and producers must have heard that "Bango" was also filmed here and thus they made their trip out.

Here, Jen and Owen are standing right outside my favorite restaurant Kooma. They are also right across the street from Jitters Sports Bar where the infamous drunken bar scene and chase sequence from Bango were filmed.

I heard that in order to prepare for this scene, the director told Jen and Owen to channel their inner Bango.

For those of you unfamiliar with the magic that is "Bango", it's a love story between a cowboy (with bad teeth and a penchant for ripping off his shirt) and a gorilla named Bango. The film follows them through a typical day on the town that quickly turns dramatic when they pick up a local waitress who is being stalked by the town's drunken yet lovable tramp.

I don't think that Bango is available online, however I know the director and the staff at High Five Productions so I think I can pull some strings. Stay tuned.

Until then, enjoy this teaser trailer for "Bango Two":