Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brimfield - Part 2 (Mystic really)

Time for part 2 Townies. This leg of the trip had no where near the amount of weird objects, but it did make for a pretty interesting day. After our stint in Brimfield, M&D decided to drive down to Mystic Seaport to spend the day touring ships and eating lobster. I love lobster, so if I had to do some learning about the workings of an 18th century shipyard, so be it.

We pull into Mystic and the first thing we see is of course this:

All the gift shops sold the movie. I really don't remember seeing it but I'm pretty sure I did. Something about Julia Roberts and some other ladies and a pizza shop. Who knows.

The seaport was really lovely tho. It was a beautiful day so we walked around and looked at the old buildings, took a 1/2 hour sailing trip around the river (best $5 we ever spent), toured the whaling and other sailing ships, and had a beer at the tavern.

I found the mastheads to be creepy as well as interesting and beautiful. This was a room filled with a variety of different versions. From Native Americans to Turks, to ornate ladies. Click on the pic to take it all in.

But this leg of the trip was becoming far too serious and it was only a matter of time before it got silly. In the kids' workshop they had some pretty cool activities. Kids could play on a boat, or dress up like pirates, or draw pictures. Of course we stepped inside to see what it was all about. We were immediately drawn to the crazy camera machine in the corner. It had a miniature ocean scene inside this box with a velvet beanbag for water. To the side was a wall of miniature boats, people, and sea life. You could make a miniature oceanic moment and then capture it on the TV that hung above it with the camera mounted on the front of the box. Needless to say that Dad and I spent quite a long time on that machine as seen by the pics below:

You have to blow up the pic to get a good look, but in addition to the giant whale, causing the capsizing wave, there are a variety of poor suckers trapped in the surf.

Luckily the hand of God was there to help out. OH NO! SHARK!

Then it just got silly...
After the seaport we headed to Abbotts to chow down on some delish lobster and mussels. Just like promised. I kept up my end of the bargain.

So that was the end of day two. We stayed the night in Mystic and left early the next morning for home. Little did I know that a surprise await me at home...