Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the day our beloved president stood upon an aircraft carrier and declared "Mission Accomplished" on the war against terror. When in reality the terror was about to take the form of higher gas prices, ensuring profits for GWB and all his good buddies at the expense of the American people. Today gas prices are at a record high and Exxon Mobile just announced that in the past THREE (yes 3) months, it made a profit of 10.9 BILLION dollars. That means that in the past minute it took you to read this post Exxon Mobile made over $84,ooo. EIGHTY FOUR THOUSAND FREAKING DOLLARS! Are you kidding me?

Meanwhile, we've wasted the last 8 years and billions of dollars on a war that means NOTHING. When we could have taken money out of the pockets of terrorists by developing and implementing alternative forms of energy thus ensuring our independence from oil rich nations in the middle east.

Anyway, so on this May Day, let's not forget how this administration used fear tactics to scare the American people into willingly giving up their hard earned cash to GWB and his cronies.

So to this I say, Mission Accomplished.