Monday, August 27, 2007

SIC Drive-by

Ugg, back to work everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Beeps and I were quite active. Friday we got to see our good friends the Newdorks. Little Helmut has not yet arrived but should be joining us soon. The dynamic due came to our place Friday night and we had delicious food and conversation. Helmut showed no signs of making an appearance and neither Wendell nor Kirk seemed concerned.

The next day, Beeps, me, Joey and Leia Darth Maul packed up the car and did a drive-by of Sea Isle City to see Beeps' parents and also see our good friends Jeffe of Pop-o-Matic fame and Seth of Seth in Brooklyn fame. We had a fab time hanging at Jeffs' Aunt's place with George, Peanut, Pam and many, many others who all generously entertained us. Later that night it was back to our place down the road for ping-pong and beers.

Yesterday we headed home and recovered on the couch with a delicious Jersey tomato stew and Big Brother 8. (Boy that show is getting great. Tune in before it's over!)

Anyway, glad to be back. Be sure to check out Pop-o-Matic for "Mean Spirited Mondays" and also Seth in Brooklyn to download his latest Madonna mash-up remix. Had fun with you guys! Can't wait till next time!