Monday, August 13, 2007

Cabin Fever

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in posts but Beeps and I were on a mini vaca in Sullivan County, PA. My folks have a place up there and my Nana lives there. So we went for a visit. It was quite a mix of company. My sister and her boyfriend with their two dogs, my Mom and Dad with their two dogs, me and Beeps with our two dogs, Marc, and Turkey and T-Bone with their dog. So if you're keeping track that's 9 people and 7 dogs! It was such a blast. Beeps and I arrived Friday morning and my sis and parents were already there. We wasted no time cracking open the brews and getting the fire started. Later that evening Turkey, T-Bone and Gus arrived. I was already practically in the bag at this point but managed to hang in there for most of the evening before sneaking off to bed. Friday was great. We all caught up, laughed a lot, listened to Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety. I ate 16 hot dogs, Marc and Walter had a joke face off and the 3-day burger began it's slow cook.

On Saturday (which I insisted was Friday), we took all the pooches to the water hole up the creek. Gus was a huge hit with his giant turtle shell-like life jacket. After the dog swimming, we had a mini bocce tournament where we incorporated the dogs into the game: if a dog picked up a thrown ball it was in play until it was dropped. The challenging course also included the creek path, "Fern Gully", and the outhouse.

Later it was back to the campfire and beers. However, this time we had the bright idea to play flip cup. Marc and I picked teams and it was on. Both my Mom and Dad (AKA the weak link) played and Uncle Walter counted down the rounds. It was a blast. We even made up our own rules which I highly recommend. For example, while trying to flip, each person had to sing a different Beatles song or kneel down on one knee. Or speak in an English accent until your team won. Needless to say we went through 2 cases of REG-ya-lar Lager and were left with the Tully. Good times again for all. The next day I was on "Sparkle Committee" making sure the camp site was returned to its former glory.

Sunday my sis and Brent, Turkey, T-Bone and Gus left for home. Leia and I waved goodbye.

Later that day, Me and Beeps, Marc, Mom & Dad went down to the Loyal Sock river for a snorkel and a dip. There's this great water hole that all the locals use. There are beautiful spotted trout and sucker fish in the river. Dad took a moment to write us a message on a rock.

Later that night Bernie and Walt came back over, more jokes were exchanged, we ate gobs of steak and corn, and hung out at the fire.

The next day we woke to another beautiful morning (as you can tell from these divine shots of Marc and Beeps.)

We couldn't have asked for better weather or more fabulous company. Although the outhouse was a stinky mess and I stubbed the crap out of my toe, it was practically perfect!

Plus I learned a little more about what T-Bone does for work. I can tell you that he does not validate parking, he does not use a billy club and he does not craw through heating ducts.

Thanks to everyone for coming! Can't wait until next time!