Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm "In Like" with Jayson Werth

I'm not a big Phillies Phan. Beeps is. He hearts them big time. Every once in a while I'll humor Beeps and sit through a game on TV. But I prefer seeing the games in person. There's something about being at the stadium that I like. And I'm pretty sure it's the ice cold beer, dollar hot dogs, and pretty colors. Oh yeah, and the game is fun too.

But baseball is a slow game. When nothing happens for innings on end, I get really, really bored. But when something DOES happen, it can be very fun to watch. Anyway, last night was one of those times. Marc and Krista stopped over to watch the game. An important one for the Phillies. They're battling the Mets for a wild card spot in the playoffs. The Phillies were consistent in their hitting and beat the Mets 9 to 2. Even Chase Utley, who just returned from having a broken hand, smashed a home run in the fifth inning to cheers of "M-V-P" from the crowd.

But the star last night, in my opinion, was Jayson Werth. He was on the disabled list all of last year and hasn't been doing that great this year either. But as of today, he has 9 consecutive hits in a row, reaching base in all five of his plate appearances last night. With hits in nine straight at-bats, Werth is one away from tying the NL mark -- held by 10 players -- and three away from tying the Major League mark of 12, held by Detroit's Walt Dropo and Boston's Pinky Higgins.

Apparently this hasn't been done in the Phillies organization since like 1954 or something. Pretty impressive. I was on the edge of my seat at his every at bat, hoping he could keep the streak going. And he did. Good for him. I expect to see good things from him for the remainder of the season and in 2008. Plus he is H-O-T hot! This picture doesn't do him justice. You'll have to tune in to see what I mean. Move over Pent House Pat, there's a new hottie in town.