Monday, January 28, 2008

TV is About to Control My Life

In case you have never read this blog or don't know me, I love TV. Beeps and I do a lot of TV watching. The past few months have been hard with the writers strike, although it did allow me to get caught up on my reality favorites like Judge Judy, Cops, Tribal Life, No Reservations, How Clean is Your House? (Sassy British cleaning ladies. LOVE this show!), Clean House (with Niecy Nash. Love her too! Which reminds me, Reno 911 also has new episodes.) and several others that I am too embarrassed to mention.

However, my life will change for the better in the coming weeks with the premier of Lost this week, Big Brother February 12th (WOOT!), and Battlestar Galactica in March.

Lost is gonna be kick ass. I cannot wait!

Big Bother will consume 3 days of my week and I will watch every episode.

And Battlestar is going to mess with my mind. If you don't already watch this show, rent all the past seasons, and start watching because it's EASILY the best drama on TV. Beeps and I rented Battlestar Galactica Razor and watched it yesterday. I was blown away! They had the old school Cylons in it from the original show! Remember how scary they were?

Anyway. Hope you are as excited as I am. I'm sure there are many TV posts to come.