Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Candidates and Animal Rights

This is kinda cool. If you are an animal lover and wonder where the Presidential Candidates stand on animal rights issues, go to this web site to learn about their platforms, and policies, read up on their animal welfare voting records and decide which candidate is the one for you.

For example, I will not be voting for Romney for a whole list of reasons that could fill this page but this story just takes the cake and breaks my heart:

"Romney attracted the ire of animal advocates when they learned that during a 1983 vacation, he put the family’s Irish setter, Seamus, in a carrier and strapped him to the roof rack of the station wagon. When the terrified dog urinated and defecated during the twelve-hour drive, Romney pulled over, hosed down the dog, and continued the voyage from Boston to Ontario."

Oh boy. If a candidate can't care for a pet, how can he care for the free world?