Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jet Packs People! Jet Packs!

My good friend Dom, who is:

a.) mad that I posted unauthorized pictures of him on the subway
b.) knows my posts have sucked lately,

has sent me a link to this article about jet packs. And guess what, they have now become reality... if only for 75 seconds at a time.

Several things to ask yourself if you would like to purchase one:

1. Do I have $100,000? If not, how can I make that money by summer?
2. Do I have any reservations about strapping myself to a rocket filled with 100 pounds of fuel?
3. What will my carbon footprint be with this thing if it burns 100 pounds of fuel in 75 seconds?
4. Which of my friends is the most desperate for my love that he/ she will follow behind me holding the tether?
5. Where will I put my dog, infant, or groceries?
6. Is it required that I have to wear the Evil Knievel-inspired jump suit?
7. What destination is 3,650 feet from my current location where traveling by jet pack makes perfect sense?
8. Where do you park one of these things?
9. How much do I have to dish out for insurance?
10. Where's the cup holder?

and finally,

Will people laugh at my junk all squished like that? I know I would.