Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Was That About The Illiterates?

Okay, again another celebrity has screwed up and said the wrong thing. Jerry Lewis apparently went on some type of "comedy" rant during his telethon and called an imaginary person an "illiterate faggot" or something like that. Today he apologized and all is right in the world, but I challenge you to be 80-something and do comedy during a telethon for like 24 hours straight (no pun intended)! I know I couldn't do it without at least several drinks and some randomly placed curses.

But seriously folks, the man is definitely going to heaven regardless of what he says. Look, how much money has this man raised for charity over the years? Like zillions??? Yesterday alone he raised over 64 MILLION dollars! The last charitable thing I did was donate some used crap to the Salvation Army. I think he deserves a "pass" on this one folks.

I guess my point is, celebrities are not perfect (duh), and neither am I, and neither are you, so don't judge people from one action, take into account their whole character.

Jerry, Just be cool from here on out bud. I appreciate the sincere apology. Keep up the good work.