Monday, September 10, 2007

Poor Britney

Geeze, this poor girl can't seem to do anything right. Britney's performance at the VMAs last night was abysmal. It was so bad that I, as a viewer, was embarrassed.

I hate the VMAs almost as much as I hate the Grammys. Most of the sell-outs that they honor are shitty, untalented "musicians/ artists", whose egos are too inflated to rescue them from the grips of commercialism. So why did I tune into the VMAs last night? Well, I really wanted to see Britney's performance. I was kinda rooting for her. I wanted her to come out and blow the sceptics away.

However, it didn't exactly go down like that and no amount (or lack there of) of clothing could rescue this performance. The only thing good about it were the back-up dancers and I think they were a little ashamed. Britney did NOTHING and I mean NOTHING during her act. She came out in her sparkly underwear, hooker boots, and bad weave and walked around the stage lip syncing. I mean I can understand lip syncing if you are dancing your hiney off, but NO. She literally walked around the stage and jiggled her junk a bit while looking completely terrified. It was as if she spent too much time at Taco Bell scarfing down chalupas instead of practicing her moves. Plus the song was just terrible; sung poorly and over produced. I mean, at what point are we going to tell Britney that moaning and whispering into a microphone is not singing?

Well regardless, I was disappointed and turned the channel right after she was done and Sarah Silverman had a chance to rip her a new one. Now we sit back, watch and wait as the media has a complete field day with this one.

Oh and what was that about that war in Iraq?

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