Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Holy Crap, It's Almost Wednesday

I just realized that almost a whole week has passed since my last post. It's practically Wednesday already! Well what can I say, I got lazy. Mostly because I had Thursday and Friday off and I just concentrated on having fun. Thursday Beeps and I hit Johnny Brenda's in Philly to see The Capitol Years and Bitter Bitter Weeks.

Friday we ate sushi at my favorite place Kooma here in Dub See and saw that movie "Once". It was great, highly recommend it! We saw it at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville (you know, where the filmed The Blob). Man is that a cool theater. It opened in 1903 and is home to many independent films. The prices are cheap: $7 a ticket and $2 popcorn! Plus the inside is like a flashback to the beginning of the century. Check out the web site for some pictures.

Saturday we cleaned and played video games for a while (I got Viva Pinata and am addicted!). I need to figure out how to attract the horse though, and get the rainbow cloud thingy, so any tips welcome.

Sunday some fellow townies came over for an afternoon picnic and Monday we relaxed and resumed game playing where Beeps dove into Bioshock. That game is fricking frightening; zombies, possessed little girls with giant machine body guards, carnival music and clowns, gene splicing, crazy people climbing on the ceilings, corpses everywhere, and it's all underwater. Freakie deekie.

Well, That's about it. But I'm back folks!

Lot's of Hangover to come. Stay tuned.