Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dang, We're Small Potatoes

The Hubble space telescope is an amazing machine. It can take pictures back in time for crying out loud! Seriously, the Hubble telescope has captured light that is finally reaching us from the big bang. There's a great site where you can learn more and see an incredible gallery of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites. Click on them for a bigger experience.

A close up of my favorite planet Jupiter. Incredible storms rage across its surface.

Distant galaxies. Whoever says we're alone out here must be crazy. Take a moment to wrap your brain around the enormity of this picture. Each galaxy containing billions of stars. The stars themselves are thousands and thousands of lightyears apart.

A close up of one of the prettiest galaxies, the Whirlpool Galaxy. Simply stunning.

Ah, the Orion Nebula. How beautiful. Even people who have a small telescope can see the swirling dust below the belt of one of our most beloved constellations!

The Cats Eye nebula. Breathless.

The Hubble has indeed had its share of problems; from broken lenses to power failure. The US government, on several occasions, has seriously considered steering the Hubble to it's fiery death upon reentry into our atmosphere. But alas, NASA has found a way to keep it alive, and I for one am grateful.

Where else can you see pictures of what's really out there and feel divine hope all at the same time?