Monday, July 28, 2008

No, Really?

So as you know, from these posts, I have been obsessed with the Stephenie Meyer book series about teenage love and vampires. Well, the last and final book in the series, Breaking Dawn, comes out on Saturday. And the more I Google it day and night (cause it's an obsession don't forget) I find that I might have to worry about actually just FINDING a book to purchase that day. So I decided to be a smart shopper and reserve my copy at Chester County Books and Music. Now remember that JDizzle doesn't read. Often.

Here is a transcription of how that call went. (Name has been changed to protect the innocent):

Scott: "Hello, Chester County Books and Music, this is Scott, can I help you?"

Me: "Yes, I'd like to 'reserve' a book or whatever it's called. You know, before the book comes out so I can be sure to get a copy when it's released."

Scott: "Sure, what's it called?"

Me: Breaking Dawn

Silence. I think he's typing to look it up.

Scott: "Is that that stupid..."

Me: Silence. My cheeks redden with embarrassment. I think to myself "I know I'm like the only 30-something, happily married woman, reading these novels, but is he passing judgment on my reading selection? Seriously? The guy works the register at the book store and HE'S poo-pooing my novel choice? I mean, I get that I'm not in high school, but maybe I'm buying it for my daughter as a gift instead of buying for myself." (I don't have kids, but he doesn't know that.)

Scott: Silence.

Me: "I think it comes out on Saturday."

Scott: "That's an odd time for a book release."

Me to myself: "Did he just call me a liar? First he craps on my book obsession and now he's calling me out?"

Scott: "Oh, Stephenie Meyer. Got it. And you're right , it does come out on Saturday."

Me: "Great"

Scott: "What's your last name?"

Me: "Smith."

Scott: Laughing "No, really?"

Me: "yes, really." Did he just called me a liar AGAIN?

Scott: "What's your first name?"

Me: I tell him.

Scott: "It will be here for you on Saturday for pick up."

Me: "Thanks."

We hang up. I knew there was another reason I didn't read.