Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm In Like With Edward Cullen

Sunday I went to dinner at my in-laws'. Beeps' sister Leigh was in from Las Vegas and she asked if I had been reading the Stephenie Meyer Twilight series. As you may have read in my profile, JDizzle doesn't read. I takes too long and in most cases I get 100 or so pages in and put it down never to pick it up again. But I value Leigh's opinion and thought I'd pick up the first novel and see if I liked it. Even tho Leigh warned me that each novel was around 500 pages. "Crap. Even worse." I thought. "But what the hey, she said it was an easy read and the pages would fly by."

Well that was Sunday and today I have about 100 pages left in the first novel. I'm addicted to say the least!!!!

I know I'm probably late on the scene here. Apparently there's a HUGE Twilight following, Stephenie Meyer has reached JK Rowling-like status, and I'm just getting on the bus.

If you are also new on the scene, here's the scoop (and I'll try not to spoil anything):

Imagine you are a high school junior who leaves her Mother back in Arizona to go live with your father, a cop, in the dreary Pacific Northwest.

Now imagine you start your first day of school and everyone is new and mysterious, especially a group of kids who tend to be loners but who are stunningly angelic in their beauty.

Now imagine that the most beautiful of them, a boy named Edward Cullen, becomes strangely infatuated with you. His skin is a translucent marble, his eyes change color from deep onyx to gold, his hair is a disheveled golden-brown, and his gaze is penetrating.

You are also drawn to him; but you don't know why. You befriend him but he hides a dark secret and is battling with his own internal desires that could either bring you closer together or tear you apart.

Now imagine he looks like this:

I'm in total LIKE!

It's like Dawson's Creek meets The Dark Knight. And it's fabulous!

The first novel Twilight is being made into a motion picture that comes out in December and I guarantee that I will be one of the first in line. Here's a teaser trailer. Enjoy.