Sunday, October 28, 2007

Best Halloween Ever!

This weekend was a blast. Friday Missing Palmer West played at Rex's with The Teeth. They were great. I drank several Rex's world famous Long Island Ice Teas and danced my hiney off. Saturday was Beeps' birthday so he slept until noon and then we went to see Darjeeling Limited (which was just fabulous. We are big Wes Anderson fans.) If you like any of his other films you will LOVE this one!

Afterwards we rushed home to get ready for "the best Halloween ever" as Marc pointed out several times throughout the night. We bought tickets to a party tour that included 4 parties that started at 5pm and ended late night. Drinks and food included. We unfortunately missed the first one but made it to the second one right on time.

The six of us planned ahead and decided on the best Halloween group costume ever.

Behold, Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem:

Some side-by-side fun:

Beeps was Dr. Teeth, Rose was Animal, Krista was Janice, Marc was Zoot, Marc N. was Floyd, and I was Rowlf. When we arrived at Krista and Marc's, we were greeted by Marc's parents Kitty and Skip who proceeded to take several pictures as if we were headed to the prom.

This is Rose and I on the walk to the first party:

At party #1 (which was technically party #2), we ran into the second best costume of the night. Little did we know that this was going to get ugly. Behold, Awesomo:

Me and Beeps:

Awesomo unveiled (I said it was gonna get ugly). He was smashed very early on.

Party #2, my third favorite costume of the night. Andy Reid, complete with accent, Football for Dummies book attached to his clip board, flags ready for the throw, and an authentic Book of Mormon. He stayed in character all night. This party was great, there was a fire pit and plenty of food and drink. Good times.

Awesomo wasn't far behind. Somehow he found part of his costume and put it back on.


Party #3, The Mayhem finally got a chance to perform. Krista and Beeps on keys, me on maraca, and some strange dude on bongos. Around midnight the cops came on a noise complaint. No doubt the cause was the musical styling of the Mayhem.

It's been a long time since I was at a party that got broken up by the police, but frankly it couldn't have come at a better time. I was exhausted and ready for bed. We walked home and called it a night, already brain storming ideas for next year.

For more pictures from the parties our friend Mike has posted some on his My Space page. (you might have to be a friend to see it.)

Today we met up with the rest of the band for brunch at Butterfish complete with complimentary bloody Mary's and mimosas. Guitar Hero 3 also came out today. Beeps picked up his reserved copy and has been at it ever since. Right now he's rocking out to Pearl Jam's "Even Flow".

A nice one to end the weekend.