Monday, October 1, 2007

No Sleep Till...

This past weekend was a blast. Turkey and I decided to head up to Brooklyn to see some good friends. Miss JenniB (of Take a Chance You Stupid Ho fame) was in town from Singapore on work, and it was a not-to-miss opportunity. Our amazing buds Jeff (of Pop-o-Matic fame) and Seth (of Seth in Brooklyn fame) offered their company and their floor.

Turkey and I were a bit worried about missing the Phillies kick hiney, but thought the sacrifice to see our friends was an easy choice. T-Bone had assured Turkey that I would have the power to make Jeff check on the score for her (because apparently I'm strong), so Turkey was ok about the travel.

We arrived to warm welcomes and spent a couple hours catching up with Jeffe before heading over to Kitty's (of My Husband Hates Veggies fame) and Gary's for an AMAZING dinner. Kitty rocked the yummy "signature drink" of the night; a lemoncello and sparkling wine concoction that tasted delish! And prepared a killer lasagna and arugula salad. Kelly (of Nocturnal Admission fame) and Adam (of Monkey Daemon fame) were also on hand to round out the company.

We then proceeded to finish off several bottles of wine, played a little Robotron, and attempted a game of "Celebrity" before my team "Ladies First" imploded in a fire ball of inadequacy. Who doesn't know who Frodo Baggins is? Seriously! I'll tell you who, my teammates, Turkey and JenniB, that's who.

But I don't hold grudges. And after our 800 to 6 loss, we decided to finish the wine and put it all behind us. Later we walked back to Jeff and Seth's and called it a night.

Be a band...
The next day we headed over to Kelly & Adam's to see their Mediatorium. Which is fab by the way. A perfect medium upon which to watch the Mets embarrass themselves.

Around 3ish Turkey and I hit the road. We would have been out of the city earlier if it wasn't for this drunk biker. If you look close you can see the bottle in his back pocket.

On the way home we listened to the Phillies win and thank goodness Turkey had a rally towel in her car or we wouldn't have expressed our happiness properly.

Thanks to Jeff and Seth for their hospitality, thanks to Kitty and Gary for the yummy meal and for letting me stand in for T-Bone, to JenniB for coming back to the states to brighten our day and for sharing her secrets, to Kelly and Adam for their belly laughs (Kelly we need to talk about JP Morgan - network people, network), and to Turkey for not having a heart attack on the Verrazano bridge. You did good!

Jeff, look for your Revenge of the Sith press kit on ebay, if you want it back, you can bid on it like everyone else.