Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Will the F-Ups Ever End?

Now, I try not to get political on this blog. It's not something I want to spend my time ranting about. The truth is that I'm so embarrassed by the president and the administration, that it just makes me too angry and emotional. I want to keep this blog light.

BUT I just read this today and WTF? What does this administration have to do to get kicked out? How much more can the American people take? Does GWB have to personally kick each citizen in the crotch, violently shake their babies, and poison their pets (oh wait, he already did that) to get impeached? Because his actual track record is not doing the trick.

If I effed up this bad at my job, I'd be sooooo fired. And probably would never, ever be able to find another job, EVER!

Is it 2008 yet cause I've about had it.