Friday, October 5, 2007


My High School bud Jim Dodge of Funnyman Jim Dodge fame, just returned from a stand up comedy stint across the midwest. He has since coined a phrase which I plan to incorporate into my everyday vocabulary. Only because there are so many opportunities to put it to use.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The "Durdle"

The Back Story:
"I think my brother coined the term, but I'm not sure. A durdle is basically a white doofus who has a look on his face that just screams 'Duh!.' Southern accents really help, but it's not a necessity. I guess the best visual I can give you is the look on Eli Manning's face after he overthrows a receiver by 15 yards. A big freaking 'Duh!'“

For example:
"There was this total durdle in front of me on the highway, slowing down an entire lane of traffic"


"I work with a bunch of durdles who can't complete the simplest tasks"

So there you have it. I have decided to help him spread the word. You should too.

Have a great weekend everyone!