Sunday, July 22, 2007

K9 to 5

I left my job of ten years last November and took a job closer to my house. 1 mile from my house to be exact. The new job has been great. The company is small, only 6 of us, my boss Eric is passionate, he actually gives a crap about the work and the employees and he believes in the product.

The perks are fun too. We have Beer Fridays where after 4pm we can partake in a cold brew or two, and Eric is pretty flexible if you have to leave early or take off. But the best perk came on Friday when he let me bring Joe to work. She was a big help. She served coffee, went on a bagel run, and made copies. She even helped me reorganize the supply closet. Some interns can't even do that. Now we just have to get her a title and a box of business cards.