Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fug Hunt

Way back at the beginning of the summer, my family went camping at our cabin in Forksville, PA. While there, a bunch of yard sales were happening. Beeps, me, my sister and her boyfriend decided to hit up a few of them. Our mission was simple; find the ugliest, cheesiest, most bizarre item and buy it.

Brent found this awful brown plastic monk/ gnome thing, Sam found this plaster half egg with a lighthouse painted on it, and I bought a plaster bust of George Washington. We decided to return to the camp and strategically place them around my parent's cabin. Slowly Mom started to find them. The egg was on the kitchen table (seems obvious but it took her a while to find it), the monk was on the side table (Mom actually liked this one and kept it, I have no idea why), and GW was hidden upstairs by the bedside.

Obviously the egg and GW had to go, so we set up the egg in the middle of the yard and decided to try and break it with a sling shot. (okay, remember, we're camping, there's not much to do there except drink beers and eat, so you have to make your own fun.) After about 4 hours of off and on trying, we finally managed to break the darn thing. Slingshots are hard, don't let Bart Simpson tell you different. Anyway, having destroyed the first item, it was on to George Washington. As we were setting him up, my Mom and Dad both strongly objected, as if GW
was the Virgin Mary clutching a baby Jesus or something. "You can't shoot George Washington!" she shouted, "Blasphemy!"

We sadly agreed and GW was spared. Shortly after, GW went missing and Mom told us that he had been hidden somewhere in our cabin. We searched high and low until right before leaving Sam found him in her glove box. Well you get the idea of what happened next, from then on it's been a game of back and forth between my parents, my sister, and me.

Last time we were in Jersey for my niece's b-day party, Sam hid GW in my Mom's house. This morning, I go outside to take the dogs out and notice a tiny armless man peering at me through the flowers in a potted plant next to my door. It was GW himself in all his fug glory.

"It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company." - George Washington