Monday, July 30, 2007

Hand Made Stuff

Hey all, My mother-in-law Gracie sent me a link to this site It's a place where crafters from all over the world can sell their stuff. You can either buy or sell all sorts of things. But the catch is they have to be hand made. Kinda like Ebay for hippies but without the bidding (cause you know hippies are too stoned to remember A. what they posted and B. what they bid). There's cool jewelry and pottery, paintings, sculpture, furniture. You name it. And most of it is very affordable. I've been playing with it a bit. So far my favorite item is this:

Chicken Poop, the CD single by Dennis and the Foul Pluckers

The description can be found here. Here's an excerpt:
"Chicken Poop is a song with a message. In this song, many years ago when he was just a boy, clean lakes and rivers were our pride and our joy. But now the very waters that were so pristine have started smelling funky and turning green. But we can tell what is causing that smell... its all the Chicken Poop!"

And it's only $6.95. A real bargain.

If you find anything weird, fun, pretty, cool. Please let us know.