Thursday, June 28, 2007

El Terrible'

I had the worst lunch experience today. Our entire company (all six of us) went to this new Mexican place on Gay St. called El Portal or something. I ordered a chicken quesadilla, chips and salsa, and a bottled water. It was $12.66. Seriously. $13 for a fricken quesadilla! They didn't even offer free chips with lunch. Jesus, it's Mexican food, not caviar.

So I sit down and just accept it because we went out for a co-worker's birthday and i didn't want to be a Debbie Downer.

So they bring me my quesadilla and it's made with about 16 pieces of American cheese.

I would have eaten it but after searching around my plate I realize that I have no utensils. I'm looking around like a prairie dog for hawks, when finally the waiter comes over and brings me a fork. I was so hungry that I started eating it. It was terrible.

I didn't want to complain so I thought I would put some hot sauce on it to give it some type of flavor. Again I morph into my prairie dog alter ego and look around for the condiment collection. Alas there's no Tobasco or other sauces to be found. So I get up and ask the waiter/ incompetent dude if he had any hot sauce. He said "do you want me to get that for you?"

Um what? "No dude," I thought, "I'll just go behind the counter and get it myself, ass."

So he brings me some chipolte crap in a little plastic cup. This wasn't Tobasco, but hey, again, not gonna be a Debbie Downer. So I said thanks and put it on my shitty Mexican grilled cheese. It didn't help.

A moment later this customer comes over to me and says "That looks good, what is it?" And I said, "Don't get it, it's awful, seriously." She must have thought I was joking because a few minutes later she walked by with a quesadilla.

It was at this moment that I realize that out of the 3 people at the table who got quesadillas, that mine is the only one made with American Cheese. Why is this? I wonder.

So they lady who rang us up came over to see how everything was and my coworker Heather tells the lady that my food was made with the wrong cheese. So, what is her response you ask?
"Oh, well about 5 minutes after you ordered we got our shipment of shredded cheese so we had to make yours with American."

WTF!!!! Are you kidding me? No "I'm sorry, let me get you something else" or "My mistake, that shouldn't have happened, here's your $13 effing dollars back!" NO, they KNEW they were pulling a bait and switch and didn't care!!

I couldn't believe it. Needless to say I won't be eating at El Crapo restaurant again, and I WILL be telling others to avoid it.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to run to the bathroom to flush away my dignity and $13.