Thursday, June 21, 2007

Marlon Marathon - The Men

Beeps and I, after watching that 4 hour documentary on TCM, have decided to watch every Marlon Brando movie in order. That's right, bad or good, Moreau or Streetcar, we're going to suffer through them all. Marlon Brandon, as i'm sure you've heard, got crazier as he aged. He was known for inventing wierd things. You might not know that he invented some crazy air conditioning system in Tahiti that brought cold water from the bottom of the ocean into hotel rooms. No lie!

First up, filmed in 1951 is "The Men" a disappointing film about paraplegics in a WWII VA hospital. Brando is of course the best part of the film second only to the prick doctor whose
unintentionally hilarious bedside manner had Beeps and I in stitches. You'll have to see it yourself but just to give you a taste, the doc tells the wives and mothers of the disabled to expect to be nurses to them for the rest of their lives and that many men will never be able to control their bladders. He does this all while smoking a cigarette in the ward. Good times. I guess that was back when smoking was good for you and doctor recommended.

We give it 1.5 marbles out of 5.

Next up, The Wild One. It's got to get better than this.