Monday, September 15, 2008

West Chester's The Bomb

Today I came home to blocked traffic in town. No one could get through the center of town. The cars were being rerouted. Once I got home, I took my dogs for a walk to get some information. They had every street and sidewalk roped off within a 2 block radius of the Mosteller garage.

I asked a few guys in yellow vests who were blocking Walnut street to tell me what was going on. All they said was "There's been a police incident in the garage."
"An incident?" I asked, "Like what?"
"Just go home and watch the news."
"It's a bomb isn't it?" I asked.
"Just go home and watch the news." They said.

Not sure why they couldn't just tell me what the deal was. Anyway, I was right. Here's the full story. Scary stuff.

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